Sunday, June 10, 2018


Our beautiful, petite, blond, intelligent grandchild #3, graduated from the
University of Texas at Austin
on May 18. 

Cassidy has always been a goal setter and a planner.  I'll share with you one of my favorite stories about her. 

For a couple years, my Christmas gift to our three older Dallas grand girls was a shopping trip with just the two of us.  My undivided attention and catering to their every whim was also part of the gift.

This picture was us just before heading out the door on this particular trip; Cassidy was 7 or 8.

I gave them an amount and they could spend it however and where ever they wanted.

Cassidy had her list ready with exactly what she wanted, where it could be found and the stores in order of convenience.  Now, this was my kind of shopper and that trip still remains one of my favorite times with her.

She also set a goal of finishing high school early and she did complete all her studies in December and started a local college in January.  She attended this school for one and a half years with excellent grades and was accepted into UT.

She again completed all course work early, in December 2017, after spending a semester studying in Barcelona, Spain.  She walked in the May 2018 graduation with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Advertising.

This is a picture recap of her special day.

Her sister dared her to dance like so many of the others were doing, and we were thrilled she stayed true to herself and just gave us her radiant smile and "hook um horns!"

Sharing special times with our family is our greatest joy.

We missed her older sister and brother-in-law, but jobs kept them in Dallas on this Friday.

 Proud parents, and especially dad who is also a UT alum.

Spending some time with Bevo, the renowned Texas Longhorn.

 And this is our future UT grad!

We may not be around for this graduation in 2024,

but I have no doubt that she is another Harbison Texas Longhorn in the making.

This is my favorite picture because I remember the sweet love we were sharing with each other in this moment.

We could not be more proud of all you have accomplished, Cassidy and know God has such great things in store for you.

In January, she started working as Business Assistant to a fashion/lifestyle Instagram/blogger in Dallas.
Dani Austin is a live, walking, Christian Barbi doll and they make the neatest combo.

Yes, there are good things ahead for our Cassidy.


  1. Isn't this just the best !!! It makes me proud just reading about her.
    My late husband, and most of his friends, went to UT, and acted like they never got out of school it was such a wonderful experience. Can't tell you how many UT football games I've been to. I love this post! She is absolutely beautiful and so so accomplished. She will go FAR !!

    1. Thank you Marsha, she is special to us for sure. And yes, there is a real bond among UT and A&M alumni. I now have granddaughters from both and much rivalry going on. Thanks for visiting tonight.

  2. Your beautiful Cassidy will go far! She has it all together!! What blessings you have in your family which speaks volumes to the legacy of you and your husband and those who went before you. All the photos are great, but I do love the one of you and Cassidy together. Classy young lady.

    1. Thank you, Nonnie. She is a classy young lady for sure.

  3. Well, hats off to Cassidy! Quite an accomplishment and I agree, the sky is the limit for her. Such great photos of all of you!

  4. Congratulations Cassidy! How proud you all must be. She is stunning. She is definitely on her way to something big. Wishing her all the best that life has to offer.


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