Friday, April 20, 2018

Edible Centerpieces

Coming up with a centerpiece for our table is probably one of the hardest aspects of entertaining for me.  Although I think of myself as pretty creative, I just seem to lack that bent to do something pretty and pleasing.  Maybe because I wait until the last minute has something to do with it.

After a grocery store run this week, I put a good bit of our produce out on the counter because we find we use it more when it's in sight.

I thought it was all so pretty I took this picture.

Well, one thing led to another and I thought how pretty the bowls would be on the table as centerpieces.  That of course led me to finding dishes and trying to think outside the box.

These are the results.

Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

You will notice that none of these settings are intended for formal dinners.

I think these table settings are more suited for breakfast, brunch, and lunch occasions.

I added orange plastic plates that I usually use for outdoor eating on yellow placemats.

We really like these copper glasses and they seemed to go with this informal setting quite well.  As they don't sweat, no coaster was required.

I also used colorful paper napkins to complete the casual, colorful theme.


 For a completely different atmosphere suitable for a brunch or luncheon with friends, I brought in the red. 

The red place mats and chargers tie in with the large red fruit bowl and add a bit of elegance as well.  A few more visible red apples would have been a good idea.

The white napkins are eyelet that also adds to the feel of freshness and femininity.

I love the touch of crystal stemware, and antique flatware that was my mothers.

The mixed pattern salad plates add a bit of whimsy to keep it from being too formal.

I like this pretty table and how the bit of red brings out the colors in my painting.


By simply changing the centerpiece, I achieved a completely different feel.

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality in the south and it is one of my favorite fruits.

The red geraniums are awaiting planting, but I like the look of the flowers added to the pineapple.

For some reason, I didn't find the crude - from the store pots - offensive, but they could have been put in pretty pots for a less "down home" feel.

Veggie Bowl Centerpiece

Using a bowl of potatoes, onions, acorn squash and avocados is something I would not normally consider using as a centerpiece.

To the bowl, I added a small green plant, and layered the bowl on a Gail Pittman tray and an off-white placemat.

I love this bowl made for me by Susan Bass after I featured her on my blog several years ago.  You can read about her HERE.

I use the bowl for many things throughout my house because it is so beautiful, but I really like the earthiness of it with the more coarse veggies.

The pattern and color combination of these Gail Pittman hand-painted plates complimented the vegetables.  I also liked the brown color repeat with the placemat and the salad plate.

The green linen napkins and stemware keep the composition from being too dark.

For some reason, this table setting makes me happy and I think a meal served here would be so much fun.


This is the one exception to a day time table setting.

By adding some fresh vegetable plants, rearranging the veggies, and adding a candle plus bling, this setting could be used for a more formal dinner meal.

I used a textile table runner with the red and tan placemats.  Replaced the red chargers with gold and added a red linen napkin and bling napkin rings.  These china plates are my husband's favorite.  They are Ming Tan by Gorham.

With the tall candle being offset, it does not block the visual of any of the guests.

Again, I love this personal, hand-made pottery bowl with a fleur-de-lis just for me.

I also added a sprig of mint for fragrance.

Another option was to use these dark amber glasses with a gold rim.  They add a nice touch.

I trust you have gotten some ideas for thinking out of the box for your table settings.


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Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Very unique and cute. I love all of them!

  2. You've given me so many great ideas, Elizabeth! I've never before owned a home with a 'dedicated' dining room, and certainly have serving pieces just gathering dust. Now, we don't entertain (like we know anyone yet - lol!) but sitting down away from the television might foster all new avenues of communication!

    PS - Your first few images are my favorite; featuring my favorite colors ... funny because I don't/won't eat fruit!

  3. I love them all! So pretty, festive and delicious!

  4. Wow, I never would have thought to use produce as a table setting. Fruit centerpieces I've seen before, but never used yet. All of them were very beautiful!


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