Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cranberry Glass and Silver Tablescape

For Christmas, I decided to re-purpose my Cranberry Glassware that had traditionally been in one of my guest bedrooms, and bring it to the living room coffee table.
Then I decided to use the cranberry salad plates with my white pottery dishes on the dining table.  Unfortunately they really photo red for some reason.
When I removed the Christmas wreath, I decided to leave the rest and just do a new centerpiece.
I love the look of silver so this is what I came up with.
I pulled out my silver pitcher and a silver gravy boat and tray.  In the gravy boat is a collection of silver demitasse spoons.  There is also our children's first "silver spoon."
 I used a couple of my parent's old books to achieve the desired height for the flowers.  They carry out the "old" theme of the silver pieces, I think.
 I love the way the flowers repeat the color of the glassware.  Wouldn't rosy red roses be perfect on the table for Valentine?
Last weekend, a friend and I went to an antique show and I found these beautiful little Cranberry Glass candle holders.  So they now reside on my coffee table along with their taller siblings.
I also added a small strand of tiny lights.  We love their reflection in the mirror.
Recently, I acquired three additional pieces of the berry glass and decided the foyer table was the perfect place to use them.  I love the way the sunlight streaming in from the front door plays off this beautiful glass.

This glass also introduces the color that I use as an accessory color in almost every room of our home.  It may be a pillow, or an item on a table, or found in a painting or art work.  I love the continuity of color as it flows throughout.
I used a crystal cake plate to elevate the two bowls.  I love to stack pieces to create height and interest.
The crystal cake plate also ties in with all the crystal pieces on the bottom of the table and the berry is lovely against the wall color.
So this is my winter and probably spring decor.  So far I am very pleased with the way it looks.

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  1. It looks gorgeous! You gave me a fabulous idea for book club - use books under the centerpiece. Thanks for the great idea!! Have a good week.

    1. Katie, I am so glad you were able to glean something useful from my post. I also saw this idea on someone else's blog and adapted it for my own purposes. I use books to elevate objects quite often. I can't wait to see what you do for your book club centerpiece.

  2. Elizabeth your cranberry glass collection is absolutely gorgeous, My mother would want every single piece!!

  3. How pretty and so neat to transform from Christmas to Valentines. I do not have any Cranberry Glass but I sure do like it. You always do such a great job in decorating!

  4. simply beautiful I have collection of each never thought of putting them together but guess what will be out on display for February
    thanks for sharing come see us at

  5. I LOVE the way it all looks...but I especially LOVE the color of your walls! Soo pretty.

  6. I love what you've done, creative you are! Just beautiful! I love the color of your foyer walls, too!


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