Friday, May 13, 2016

A Study on Amish Farms

While in Northern Indiana, Hubby and I always look forward to taking a road trip down to the Amish community and village of Shipshewana.  This time I took my camera and was able to snap some pics from the passenger seat.

Some Amish farms are pristine while others are not quite so picturesque.  I hope you enjoy the view.




 For more information about this area go to Indiana Amish Country 

Next Monday, will be a fun post on a DIL letting her MIL decorate her house and an event our granddaughter's were involved in.


  1. Beautiful. We have several Amish & Mennonite communities here in western NY as well. You will have to try Shoefly Pie, honest, it's good. Smiles

  2. LOVED this...would love to see this all in person someday. Have a good week=end!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Do you know the significance of the barns being red? I enjoy your blog.

  4. I love barns and these photo made me very happy!

  5. Did you take all these photos? So beautiful.

  6. Georgeous, I love the Amish. Dad and Mom near some Amish communities when they lived in Akron, Ohio. We always enjoyed visiting.


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