Monday, May 23, 2016

A Good Monday for a Birthday

Today is my Granddaughter #2's 20th Birthday
Happy Birthday Cassidy! 
  As you can see, even as a child Cassidy had a natural beauty and grace.  She is one of the sweetest and most tender children among our flock.  She thrives on order and organization.
One of my favorite stories with Cassidy is the first year I took all my granddaughters on a one-on-one shopping trip as part of their Christmas present from us.  The picture above is of us as we were leaving the house.

This eight year old not only had her list of what she wanted, but where each item could be found, and the stores listed according to convenience to access.  She knew exactly what she wanted and how much each item cost.  She got everything on her list, plus even more of her grandmother's heart.
She started working during high school and has quite an entrepreneur spirit.  She sets goals and works hard to meet them.
She graduated from high school a semester early and was accepted into the University of Texas where she will be a Senior next spring.  She plans to study abroad next year.  Another goal set!
She is a survivor because she chooses to be and makes it happen.  She is a joy and complete delight.
 Our Cassidy is so very special to us.
She is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and has given Him her life.  All of this makes her a real keeper in our book.
Happy 20th our darling girl.


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous and sounds like she's just as beautiful on the inside. Wishing her a very happy birthday!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Cassidy...wishes for many more. SMILES

  3. She is gorgeous.....
    Happy Birthday Cassidy!

  4. You have the most gorgeous granddaughters. Cassidy is your only blonde I think. She is so darling and I wish her much success in life. Sounds like she is on the right road for sure!


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