Monday, June 30, 2014

Red, White & Bluegrass

We are getting ready for the July 4th Celebrations!
Our church hosted a neighborhood
Red, White & Bluegrass
evening tonight.

The temperature was fairly high and the humidity even higher,
but get a bunch of friends together
and you really won't pay that much attention to the elements.

Bluegrass is not my favorite style of music, but this band was excellent and perfect for this event.

We had a good crowd and the children had a ball playing in all the inflatable water houses provided. The fireworks afterward were spectacular.
So, get your red, white and blue out and start stirring up your patriotic pride because we do have so much for which to be grateful.

Speaking of grateful!
Our Indiana family is headed south today to visit family and friends down here for a couple weeks.
We look forward to joining them for a big July 4th gathering.

They joined their youngest who has been on a mission trip in the Chicago area for morning worship then hit the road.
Mary-Elizabeth was a part of a youth group from Granger Community Church who ministered to special needs children as well as other avenues of service.
We are so grateful that most of our grandchildren have had opportunities to share God's love all over the country.


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