Monday, June 16, 2014

A Multi-Topic Monday Post

Again this Monday, my thoughts and activities are all over the place.  But, such is my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

As you may or may not recall, I started teaching myself to paint several months ago.  It was something I have wanted to do for many years and kept putting it off.  Reasons?  First, until the children are older; when the kids are grown; when I'm not so busy; when I retire, and on and on.
Well, I retired and after two years, I decided NOW is the time.

My painting style has been all over the place for sure as I've explored and played, but all have some sort of abstract.  I do like abstracts, but also, didn't want to have to paint something one would have to identify. 
 Let me just tell you, this whole concept drives my husband up the wall.  He sees witches, fairies, horses, anything he can imagine being secreted away inside one of these paintings.
 I just love the process of mixing and applying paint.  I love composition, but being able to identify something in it has not been my intent.
 Well, enter painting class at a near-by college and an instructor who thinks I may need to explore something different.  He suggested I study the works of Paul Cezanne, a 19th century French artist.
Based on one of his works, this is my latest rendition and adaptation which I refer to as
"Abstract Realism."
  I will be the first to admit that I have a loooong way to go, but exploring different techniques and styles has been fun.  We shall see what my teacher says tomorrow night.

Another Wedding
I was asked to do the makeup of one of "our" little girls who isn't so little anymore.
Brittany is a precious girl who loves country, horses, the outdoors and not much makeup.  
 She was a beautiful bride and the ceremony was so sweet.
 But, my favorite picture of the day was when she lost all the makeup I had applied, dancing with her dad to "Daddy's Little Girl."

Father's Day
 I cannot let this day pass without mentioning and expressing my gratitude for the best Daddy a girl could have.
 You were my first love, the one who taught me to love unconditionally, to see myself as God sees me, and to give Him my heart.
 You showed me every day what it means to be a father, a husband and a friend.  You were all those things and taught me to not settle for less.

And I didn't!
You loved the man God had for me as a son, and because of your example, he has been the father, the husband and the friend you exemplified.

Thank you Dick for being a Christian father, husband, and my best friend.


  1. Okay, I'm loving your newest piece of art and I think your teacher will be pleased as well. I love fruit paintings!

    And, that sweet bride..........

    Happy week my friend!

  2. The paintings are gorgeous!!! I especially love the first one. And I like being able to use my imagination when I look at a piece of artwork. Just beautiful!

    And such sweet wedding photos.

  3. Your art is really beautiful! You are very talented! Mine would probably look like a two year old did! Love the wedding photos. Such a beautiful moment with her father.

  4. Your art is truly beautiful! I love it, and I am soo impressed. I cannot draw a single thing...the bride is so sweet, and what a precious moment you captured between the bride and her daddy. Enjoy your week!


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