Friday, June 27, 2014

Lessons From a Bumblebee

I spent a few precious moments with a bumblebee this morning.
 He was working so hard to reach the nectar hidden deep in the throat of these tiny flowers.  And yet, he never seemed to struggle.  To despair of reaching his goal.
This little fellow was doing what he was made to do.  He was doing exactly what he had done the day before and will do again tomorrow.
I thought about what I had read in my daily Bible study a few minutes earlier.

"Rest with me a while."
"Trust that I will equip you fully for whatever awaits you on your journey."

 Father, am I resting?
Am I trusting?
Am I allowing you to equip me fully?

Am I holding on to You and seeking you deeply?
Help me Father to open my heart to see you and taste your precious gift to me today-
the gift of a thankful heart so I will not be negative and discontent.
The gift of praise!

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow,"
Praise Him with the creatures here below.
Praise Him along with the Heavenly hosts above,
"Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

I pray for the gift of an awareness of your presence with me all day - for the joy contained in knowing that You take great joy in being with me.
 Thank you Father for the great truth that you gave me many years ago when we were going through one of the darkest times.

When we didn't understand how You could ever bring joy and good from a certain situation.

On February 4, 1987 you gave this word to me:
"We are not always given insight into the reason that certain things happen to us; but one thing we can know is that God's way is always right.  Pray that when trials, sorrow or trouble strike your home, you will not be bitter but will trust God to fill your needs."

And, you gave us hope, and joy, and blessings overflowing!

Thank you for the lesson of the bumblebee this morning.

To keep doing what you made me to do without struggling, without regret and without giving up.

Thank you for the joy of knowing and being with You!

Thank you for the reminders to
open up,
stay calm,

"taste and see that You are good!"


  1. Beautiful thoughts and gorgeous pictures. Isn't it amazing what HE teaches through both the good times and the bad. Blessings to you Libby! Love you!

  2. What lovely, lovely photos. =) Isn't it amazing what God shows us in nature if we just look a little closer. Such a special post. Thank you! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie


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