Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellany Monday - Family, Friends, Fun & Football

This past weekend was spent in Dallas, Texas.  Let me share some highlights with you.

Grandparent's Day
Friday morning, we enjoyed Grandparent's Day with our littlest grandchild, Ava Grace.  She is in the First Grade at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano.  We are so grateful for the wonderful Christian education they provide.

Again this year, we were impressed, after visiting her classroom, with the quality of education Ava Grace is receiving.  The classes are small and lasting friendships are built between students and teachers.
Thank you Mrs. Mitchell for instilling spiritual principles and laying a strong educational foundation for these precious children.

Northwest Dallas Skyline
Friday afternoon, we went to Downtown Dallas to see our friend's new office.  The view from this vantage point was amazing.  We were so surprised to see so much green space in this overly populated area.

Then, we took the DART down to the Texas State Fair, which is definitely the way to go.
Welcome to the Texas State Fair
 Last year on the last night of the fair, the 52 ft. fair icon, Big Tex, was consumed by fire.  The crowd was glad to welcome the new and improved replacement.
 There are some beautiful buildings built for various exhibits and housing the history of this renowned state fair.  This is perhaps the largest state fair in the country covering a 277 acre city park in downtown Dallas.
 Security was definitely there.
 The Blue Grass stage with bagpipes was one of the favorite performance stages.

 Randy and Cele outside the Chinese Lantern Festival Display.  There are 24 different lighted scenes.
 The path wanders through a garden of giant tulips.
A stately hall of enormous lanterns
 One of my favorite displays was the walkway of huge Chinese vases and Geisha dolls. 
 A massive fanciful castle
 This Porcelain Pagoda's nine towering spires is 53 ft. high and was inspired by a Buddhist Temple in China.  But, this structure is made from 68,000 pieces of porcelain dishware - plates, bowls, spoons and cups - all hand-tied using a traditional technique.  Absolutely unbelievable!
In the center of the lagoon was the Imperial Dragon Boat - 120 ft long.
As reflected in the water and the country's highest Ferris Wheel in the background.

From the opposite side of the lagoon.
This amazing display was certainly worth waiting until dark and the press of humanity.

Our Indiana Family
Grandson started for Western Michigan University against Ball State this weekend and played the whole game.  The family was there to cheer him on and Dad said he did very well.  Mom and sisters are excited to see him play.

Mary- Elizabeth honored the memory of her Grandmother Mary this week by making these whirly-gigs to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Week.  Her Mamaw Mary died, after fighting valiantly for two years, shortly after M-E was born.  We celebrate all Breast Cancer survivors and victims.


  1. My goodness, I can't believe that was a state fair. It looked like Disney World! I'm thinking we may need to put it on our bucket list. That Ava Grace is so, so cute!

  2. Wow! looks like that fair was the place to be! Such pretty pics! I LOVE grandparents day...soo fun! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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