Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm joining Potpourri Friday 2805 again this week.  My blog content may not exactly fit all the criteria for this particular blog, but the title seems to lend a lot of lee-way for interpretation.  Therefore, my Friday Potpourri is an outing Hubby and I took this week.

Norton Art Gallery
We have lived in Shreveport for over 10 years and I am embarrassed to admit I have not been inside this wonderful art gallery until this week.  I have spent a lot of time on the grounds, but never went inside.  Shame on me!

  In the early 1930s, Richard W. Norton (1886–1940) became one of the discoverers of the Rodessa Oil Field in north Louisiana. Over time, Mr Norton's wife and son began to amass a significant collection of fine art. In 1946, to honor Mr. Norton and for the benefit of the community, Richard W. Norton, Jr. (1919–1974) and his mother, Mrs Richard W. Norton (1886–1975) created the R. W. Norton Art Foundation. In turn, the Foundation eventually established the R. W. Norton Art Gallery, basing its initial collection upon donations from the acquisitions of the Nortons. Today, due to the on-going efforts of the Board of Control, the Foundation's work and the Gallery's offerings continue to expand, grow, and contribute to their community. (copied)

There is an amazing collection of fine art including Sculpture and Tapestry, Paintings, Decorative Arts, not to mention the Rare and Antiquarian Books.  There is even an extensive Doll collection dressed in authentic clothing from various periods in Louisiana History.

These are just a few of my favorite items:
American Sculpture from the Remington, Charles Russell Collections, and others

 "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin 

 "The Thinker" is without doubt the most famous sculpture in the world and the sculpture with which Rodin most identified himself.  This is one of 9 in existence of this size.

Monet painting

 I can get lost in the expanse of this painting 
The wife of R. W. Norton Jr, who had a major impact on the continuation of this amazing collection and the Norton Foundation.

Decorative Arts

 18th Century Silver - several by Paul Revere


Josiah Wedgewood

And perhaps one of the favorite items is this famous pose of Marilyn Monroe

 In addition to all the amazing objects of priceless art, the Norton is set amidst forty beautifully landscaped acres, including azalea gardens complete with more than 15,000 plants including several hundred native azaleas and camellias.
A gently winding walking path leads visitors through the grounds which includes a small bridge over a stream, a pond, benches within the azalea beds, and outdoor sculptures. 
 Not to mention towering Pines and majestic Oaks!


  1. I love the Remingtons...have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Libby!
    Such incredible pieces of art and paintings...not to mention those breathtaking gardens! I'm embarrassed to say that I've never stepped foot in any sort of art gallery. Shameful, isn't it?

  3. Oh, I am so shocked you could have a camera with you in this gallery.

    The grounds are gorgeous and love the teapots and vases.

    We had never darkened the door of the Biendenharn Museum until last year and we enjoyed it so much.

    Happy weekend!

  4. this post is so fun for at least three reasons!
    1. one of my best friends is from shreveport
    2. we're going to our museum in a few min.
    and it has lots of remingtons
    3. all the beauty


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