Monday, July 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Olympic Fashions

After having to take our badly infected computer to the doctor this morning, I am finally getting my Miscellany Monday posting done.  I'll just tell you that this computer is feeling so much better and is loving being relieved of all the bugs and foreign invasions.

Let's talk Olympic Fashions!

The athletes' parade during Friday's opening ceremony might as well have been a catwalk show, with some of fashion's biggest names — Armani, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney — designing the team uniforms.
Many in the fashion industry are already calling this the most stylish Olympics ever.

The American team may have gotten a barrage of bad press for its made-in-China Ralph Lauren uniforms, but the preppy designs were still some of the most stylish in the arena: clean-cut navy blazers, crisp white trousers, skirts, and shoes, accessorized with navy berets and blue, red and white striped scarves.
In the past, tennis players could only wear white.  Well, this year, they are allowing some color, so Venus Williams showed up to the Olympics with red, white and blue strands in her long, flowing braids, a beautiful blend of patriotism, fashion and individuality.

Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini has caught some eye with this Pucci-esque number (although I'm sure her sporty bod and cute hair cut don't hurt either).

Who can talk about anything London without considering the fashion icon!
The Duchess of Cambridge's, pastel blue satin coat dress made her the chicest ice princess at Buckingham Palace, and the Opening Ceremony.

 Prince William’s wife later dazzled onlookers Monday as she met Prime Minister David Cameron and dozens of British artists on the fringe of the London Olympics.
The Duchess getting up close and personal with some of the events in this stylish dress.
And this how a Duchess dresses for an equestrian event at the Olympics.

I thought it would be interesting to see how Vogue model Kate Moss would dress for the Olympics.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but those cyclist's thighs sure caught my eye.

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  1. We are watching the Olympics right now! Your images are such fun. Kate is always an elegant beauty. Those thighs, amazing and I'm happy they aren't mine!

  2. Well, how interesting! I love the uniforms of the US and thought too much hulabaloo was made over them being made in China. Oh, well...

    And, Kate, she's just class personified.

    Those thighs, are they for real?

    Happy week!

  3. Check out that orange dress on Kate Moss... GAH... Love it! And Princess Kate can do no wrong in her choice of outfits. She's always smashing looking. Also adore the touch of red and blue in Venus' hair and the Pucci bathing suit. So nice of them to finally let competitors wear color!


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