Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday Ramblings

Since we aren't having our Wednesday Hodgepodge this week, I thought I would share some different things with you.

SilverSneakers Bonding
I recently read this article on how to have a good relationship with your adult children.  Even the closet families can have room for improvement some times.  This article contained some good information.

These are some amazing photos of God's amazing creation
Can you imagine yourself on this little winding path in Bavaria with this colorful sky overhead?
 Is this not the most perfect mountainous sunrise!
 Because of my granddaughter's love for Spain, anything having to do with that beautiful country catches my eye.  Can you imagine taking a hike on this steep path with such a breathtaking ocean view?  Not with my knees but I can dream, can't I?

These are a few pictures I took this past weekend while out for a Sunday afternoon drive with Hubby.
Wallace Lake Dam is managed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and is located about ten miles south of our house on picturesque Wallace Lake.  We had no idea it existed until that day.

Wallace Lake was created when the dam was built as a flood control lake, protecting a large area of agricultural land below it from seasonal flooding.  It is a wooded lake containing beautiful moss draped cypress trees and known for great fishing.  I understand it is only about 2 feet deep.
 This dam or spillway was built in 1946 strictly for the purpose of flood control.  It is now the sight for perhaps clandestine meetings, graffiti expression and Sunday afternoon explorings.
 We climbed the levy for this over view.  It was quite a climb but worth it.
The lake is out of sight off to the left somewhere, hidden among the trees. 
 I found it interesting that this was labeled as the Wallace Lake Mural Project.
 I'm afraid it has become more of a place for artists with a strange sense of expression.
 This young man was very busy moving the length of the dam with a spray paint can.  I was never able to see what he was doing unless he was painting over something. That could keep him occupied for quite a while.
 I loved this peaceful scene and it's as close to a rushing stream as we get here.

We then took another interesting little country road that we had never seen before and continued our exploration.  These beauties caught our eye and camera lens.
Dick said this is a good example of  "the grass is always greener on the other side."

We came into the tiny little village of Gayle, consisting of three large plantation homes and an old general store/post office.  The village was probably less than a mile long, but so pretty with acres of depth in farm land.
This was one of many beautiful old Oak trees surrounding the homes, with limbs looking like spider legs moving across the landscape.  So typical of the south.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and have a great rest of your week.  Hodgepodge will return next week after Joyce bonds with her new perfect grandson.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those first pictures were absolutely breathtaking. I would LOVE to visit those sites. Your photos of the dam and the horses were also good. What a nice outing for you and your husband and what fun to make the discovery of the dam. That tree! I love trees, too. The mural ... not so much. Haha. Truth be told, I just enjoy the beauty of God's creation ... even the tiny flowers that grow on weeds.

  2. That Spanish scene was amazing. But, even without knee problems, that was my first thought!
    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.


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