Monday, March 6, 2017

6 Things Stylish Women Should Wear

Is your wardrobe ready for spring?

Have you transitioned your closet for spring?

Are you aware of the newest fashions for spring?

May I be the first to raise my hand?

No, No, and No!

Probably because I am very strongly resenting the fact that I have not had a chance to wear all my favorite winter clothes yet, I just flat refuse to remove those items from my closet.  I am holding firm onto my rebellion that maybe, and that's a big MAYBE I know, we may have a multi-day freeze when I can finally wear faux fur and suede.

We talk about transitioning our closets from winter to spring but down here in the south, we never quite transitioned into winter this year.  So, how do we transition our wardrobes into spring?

As I was thinking about spring and what I may wear the next 85 degree day we will have before the week is over, I came across a blog entitled,
"6 Things All Stylish Women Should Wear in the Next 30 Days."

I thought YIPPEE, the help and direction I need!

I really should know by now that most of these articles are written by someone who actually experiences season changes, who has little or no understanding of how we southern ladies dress, and what a 72 year old should never wear outside the house.

But, for those of you who may actually benefit from the writer's wisdom and fashion savvy, these are the
"6 Things All Stylish Women Should Wear in the Next 30 Days."

For a classic and tailored look, layer a long button-down shirt with french cuffs left open and extending past the sleeves of a pull-over sweater that was put into a hot dryer by mistake.  Top this with a leather coat that was used by the local truck stop to dry tires.  Don't worry about throwing out those worn and tattered jeans.  They look great with a pair of nursing shoes from the 1950's.
A sweatshirt hoodie doesn't have to just be for those walks in the rain, or when you want to hide a very bad hair day.  No!  Trendsetters now wear them for special occasions under heavy over coats.  Just make sure the coat is devoid of a big collar.
This look is easily achievable if don't mind shopping in the Big and Tall Men's stores.
Also, the finishing touch should be a pair of well scuffed ballet slippers.  In other words, before putting this outfit together, spend hours on your toes.
Skinny jeans + OTK boots + Blanket sweater + Over the shoulder coat
I think the secret to pulling off this look is not having a bosom or thighs. 
Socks and Sandals!

This look may well be my favorite and easiest to accomplish.  In fact, this is a look that is very much in style at our local Walmart store.  I don't see a need to spend a bundle on sandals when cheap slippers would probably be more comfortable and serve the purpose better.  And, don't forget to wear the footwear with your favorite velour dress.  This makes all the difference in the world!
This final "MUST HAVE" outfit is a combination of spring dress with heavy jacket.
I think by all means, if the weather is cold and yet the calendar says it's spring, then wear that thin, skimpy dress with a massive fur-lined jacket accented with large buckles and zippers.  Oh yes, and don't forget the heavy winter boots.
Now, don't you feel better prepared to face your transitional wardrobe?

I sure do!  And you're welcome!


  1. Oh, have mercy, surely this was written with "tongue in cheek." Most of the fashion today leaves much to be desired as far as I'm concerned.

  2. These fashions (???)remind me of an "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel wear some sort of decorated bucket because someone told them it was the latest thing in hats. Somehow I doubt if this sort of nonsense shows up in the Midwest. I think the ladies here are more sensible and fashionable (stylish) than these gals who could definitely use a cheeseburger. The trouble is, I'm sure the outfits are expensive and you could probably approximate them at a charity shop. I hope Miss Lea is right...all written with "tongue in cheek".

  3. Elizabeth, this is so funny.. I am so glad I hopped over to check this post out! Now ai know exactly how to dress...thanks for your fashion savvy!

  4. These totally work for me! Haha! You are so funny. How do they come up with this stuff? And I'm with you. Still a little ticked that we didn't get to wear our favorite winter clothes.

  5. Soo glad I caught this as I so enjoyed the chuckle. Goodness it's amazing to think that anyone would really do such things. Especially the socks and slippers, lol.


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