Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Grandmother Brag Post

This past weekend, we saw two performances of
at the Addison Theater Center in Addison, Texas,

presented by the North Texas Performing Arts program.

Our youngest grandchild, Ava Grace who is 10 and in the 4th grade, played the part of orphan Tessie.

Do I need to tell you what a great job she did?

She was truly one of the most animated on the stage.  She really gets into her roles.
In fact, she gets into all of the roles.  She not only learns all of the speaking parts but also the choreography.  When it was announced that the girl playing the part of Miss Hannigan was going to miss one of the dress rehearsals, AG announced that she would be happy to fill in for her.

The director told my daughter about it and that she did it perfectly.  Because of this and her overall attitude, she was given the "Outstanding Leadership Award."

Yes, we are so very proud of our littlest Gran.
 She will be playing a lead role in an upcoming Children's Musical at their church and has auditioned for the next NTPA production in the spring.

Ava Grace and her parents flew out of NYC yesterday just minutes before Stella stormed into the East Coast, for Barcelona, Spain where they will spend a week with Daughter 2!

Cassidy is a UT student studying there for six months.  It was a grand reunion I'm sure at 12:30 our time Tuesday morning.  And she is loving showing off all the amazing sights in Barcelona.

Today, Wednesday is PRO Day on the Western Michigan Campus and our grandson will be doing everything he can to be noticed by the NFL scouts.  I will keep you posted.
Have a good week!
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. I don't blame you for being a proud Grandma! You have some wonderful grandchildren. Enjoy your week!

  2. Well I can certainly see why those grandma seams would be bursting! How fun...I LOVE theater. Melody was involved in our local theater when she was young and I remember all of those times as some of the best of all. Everything about it for us was a positive experience. She too was an orphan in Annie (though believe it or not I can't for the life of me remember which one now, lol). She was Cinderella, and in the Pied Piper too. She also played the lead in Miracle on 24th St. I thought we were on our way to broadway, lol, but she lost interest 1/2 way through high school, and concentrated more on sports. It was hardest on me, lol, as I soo loved the theater world. But it was her call of course. Hopefully your grandson will be noticed. Such exciting times that's for sure. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Ava Grace is so cute and I can only imagine the great job she did in her role and assisting in others. :o)) Oh, I didn't know that Jackson wanted to go Pro. Goodness, all I can think about is all the possible injuries and wear and tear on his body that will likely cause him a lot of grief as he ages. Ugh! Happy weekend!

  4. Elizabeth, you have so many exciting things going on here and have every right to brag about your family. I can see her expressiveness in the photos and crossing my fingers for your grandson. How cool for your other granddaughter to study in Spain! What a treasure full of memories you have.


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