Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Times With Family & Friends

As always, I am joining other bloggers who participate in the
with our fabulous hostess, Joyce.  Come join us!

1. Can you believe it's the end of January? What was the best day of January 2017 for you, and why?

Without a doubt it was Jan 2 when all our family was gathered together to watch our grandson play in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Tx.  What an exciting time that was.  But our whole family had not been together in five years and it was such a thrill to have our son and daughter and all eight grandchildren together in one place. 

2. What sounds make up the background noise in your life?

I don't require background noise, but I do enjoy having music playing most days.  I have found a Ray Coniff station on Pandora that plays a lot of the music I enjoy listening to.  I also usually have a diffuser going in the kitchen area and it offers a very soft whisper.  Other than those things, the occasional car on the street, and the sound of birds outside, my world is relatively quiet and peaceful.  I do not have the TV on during the day.

3. I read on the Power of Positivity website a list of ten things to drop from your life right now. They are-

anger outbursts, people who put you down, regret, negative self talk, being a people pleaser, the notion you need to be perfect, the past (but keep the lessons learned!), gossip and judgment, comparing yourself to others, and the word hate (focus on what you love instead)

Which thing on the list do you most need to drop? Are you trying or will you try?

Probably regret.  I regret my lack of patience after a harsh response, my insensitivity to the needs of others and yes, I am trying and will continue to try.

4. What is sacred to you?

My family.  My relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My time alone during the day.

5. January is National Oatmeal month. Are you a fan, and if so how do you like it?

NO! I don't mind an occasional Oatmeal Raisin Cookie but that is it.

6. What feelings does twilight stir up in you?

I can't say that any particular feelings are stirred by twilight.  Dick and I like being at home together in the evenings, so if anything, it would be the enjoyment of being in our home together.

7. Something you're looking forward to next month?

We and our best couple friends are taking a few off and going to Fredericksburg, Tx.  We are all looking forward to that.  Both couples have a cousin who lives there so we will also tie in a family visit along with being tourists.  It should be a lot of fun.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

There are always exciting things happening within a family and ours is no exception.

Granddaughter #2, Cassidy is posting some amazing pictures of her stay in Barcelona while a UT student there this semester.
Last week, Prestonwood Academy in Plano, Tx where our youngest grand attends school, had its annual Daddy Daughter Dance.
What a handsome couple they make and what a great tradition for them to share together each year.
 Ava Grace will be in a Children's Theater production of Annie this spring.  She will be one of the orphans and will have speaking lines as well as a couple solos.  Her mom took this picture for publicity purposes.  Is she not adorable!
Also, Granddaughter #3, Savannah received her acceptance to Trine University, a private, post-secondary institute with a selective admission policy based on academics, in the rural town of Angola, IN.  She will also play soccer while there.
 She met nine of the ten incoming freshmen soccer players this past weekend which was exciting.  She and three others agreed to share an apartment on campus.  Her dad reported that the four of them have been busy texting and SnapChating their plans.  It is so hard to believe that she will be in college next year.  My oh my!
Savannah is far right    


  1. Glad the entire family was together to watch grandson play in the Cotton Bowl. Congratulations to you on the accomplishments of your grandchildren!

  2. What a lovely family gathering! How fun to be looking forward to being tourists with great friends. Yes, Ava Grace is adorable. Great Hodgepodge post!

  3. Fun to read about your granddaughter making college-days plans. It's an exciting time of life. And isn't it wonderful when the whole family is together. There's nothing better.

  4. What fun that must have been for your family to be together to support your grandson and his team! Great looking bunch! Your trip to TX sounds like a good time and I hope you'll post pictures!

  5. There are so many wonderful and positive things happening in your family! It has to be so exciting and rewarding to you and your husband. I loved your favorite day and that picture is so good. You will enjoy Fredericksburg. We haven't been for many years, but there used to be a fun place to visit called "The Rockbox" which offered great entertainment - good, clean and fun entertainment. Their website would reveal what currently is happening there. I just checked and while there is entertainment, it isn't the same as it used to be. Oh well, things change. It still might be fun.

  6. Oh I can see why that day was your best for January...might be the best for the whole year! lol. Soo exciting and fun and all together as well..soo good! Yes, little Ava is adorable and congrats on the other grand daughter's accomplishments as well. Your family is definitely full of wonderful and fun things!

  7. I LOVE Frederickburg!! Such great shopping. Looks like your granddaughter is enjoying Barcelona and congrats to the other one acceptance to Trine. My girls went to Ursuline with many girls from Prestonwood. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Your are certainly blessed with lovely grandchildren and I know you enjoy them. Barcelona is a fabulous city and I'm glad your granddaughter is enjoying her time there. Congrats on the university acceptance too. I'm sure it is heartwarming to see the next generation doing well.

  9. A little late stopping by but haven't had a lot of time this past week. How proud you and Dick must be of all your Grans. And, it doesn't hurt that they are all just as "cute as buttons." Well, guess I should say that Jackson is a "handsome dude." Happy new week!


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