Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pumpkins, Music, Flowers and Small Towns

I thought October was going to bring fall weather but other than cooler mornings, afternoons have still been warm.  And still no rain for the deep south.  My heart does go out to those experiencing flooding in the Carolina's.  We know what that is like where I live.

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1. It's October so let's get this out there first thing...have you jumped on the all-things-pumpkin bandwagon? How so?

No I haven't.  In fact, the only thing pumpkin I have at this point are some stacked pumpkins at my front door that I bought while in Amish country a few weeks ago.  We do not have access to the unusual ornamental pumpkins found in the Mid-West.  I will be adding more fall decor this next week to the inside of the house and that will contain a few faux pumpkins.

2.  "We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible." Francois Duc De la Rochefoucauld  

What's something you once thought impossible, but in hindsight see as more a matter of lack of will?

Learning to roller skate.  After falling numerous times my first time out, I decided if I couldn't do it well to start with, it wasn't worth working at; therefore, I never tried again.

3. The rose is America's National Flower, but every state also has its own (click here to see the list). Are you happy with yours? If you were in charge what would you declare your state's flower? If you're outside the U.S. what bloom would you like to see labeled as your country's national flower?
The Louisiana State Flower is the Magnolia.  It is a beautiful, fragrant flower and I wouldn't change it at all.  In fact, I have a magnolia tree in front of my house.
4. What have you lost interest in recently?

Yard work.  I worked so hard to keep our flower beds and pots alive and looking pretty for our 50th Anniversary party.  Now that I no longer have that motivation, I have lost interest in making sure the beds are weeded and pots watered with frequency and fervency.

5. In your opinion, who's the best living musician?

Benjamin Harlan was a Professor of Church Music at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He became the second dean of the School of Church Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1995. He was also on the Music Faculty at Louisiana College and State Music Secretary for the Louisiana Baptist Convention.  He is an internationally known arranger and composer of choral, keyboard and handbell works. He is also known for his hymn arrangements for organ, choir, and congregation.  And he happens to be a very dear friend whom we have known since he was in high school.  And one of the funniest guys you could want to meet.  Yea, Benji!

6. S'mores-love 'em or no? Ever make them indoors? Last time you sat around an outdoor fire? Are making s'mores and sitting round a fire pit on your autumn bucket list? Do you have an autumn bucket list?

Yes, I like s'mores, but they aren't big on my bucket list.  The last time I sat around an outdoor fire was around a firepit after Christmas at our son's in northern Indiana.  I do not have an autumn bucket list.

7. Your favorite small town? Why?

Natchitoches, Louisiana, was established in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis as part of French Louisiana, and named after the indigenous Natchitoches people.   The City of Natchitoches wasn't incorporated until after Louisiana had become a state (1812), on February 5, 1819. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the state.  Pronounced “Nack-a-tish”, the quaint and perky town featured in the movie Steel Magnolias is real!

The City of Natchitoches, recently named Best Southern Small Town by readers of USA Today and, has a new title to be proud of. Natchitoches was recently named one of the 50 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America by House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping magazines.  Natchitoches is also recognized as the Bed and Breakfast Capital of Louisiana.
Natchitoches proudly hosts the Christmas Festival of Lights each year.  Over 300,000+ Christmas lights and 100 plus riverbank set pieces are on every night from mid November through early January and draws thousands of spectators. And all this is only an hour from my house.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

A few weeks ago my daughter told me about a new food service she was trying.  She sent me a coupon and I decided to give it a try as well.
HelloFresh is a great service for someone who lives alone and doesn't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and have tons of leftovers.

It is also great for working mothers who don't have time to shop and want a quick, nutritious dish in short order.

You get every single ingredient except olive oil so there is no having to run out to the grocery for that one item you are missing for a recipe.
You get three complete recipes a week delivered to your front door.  Doesn't get any better than that.
They also include a step-by-step instruction booklet.
 I love that we are getting to eat some things I would have never prepared and no recipe has taken longer than 45 minutes.

Even though it has really been a fun thing to try, Hubby and I have decided that it is really not cost effective for us.  I may still order some from time to time, but not on a regular basis.

But, I have no complaints.  All the food items have been fresh and the packaging could not be better.

You might want to give it a try as well.


  1. As usual, I enjoyed your answers...We have been to Natchitoches. Thank you for sharing. Have a Blessed Wednesday.

  2. I have always wanted to see a magnolia flower. They've intrigued me ever since reading a book in which it was an important part of the story.

  3. Is Hello Fresh pricey? Might be a good thing for my oldest daughter to check out. The magnolia gets my vote, too! Love the fragrance!

  4. I love a magnolia flower. I'm going to check out that HelloFresh, it looks very interesting to me although I do have time to cook! Pinterest has definitely sparked my interest in cooking.

  5. Natchitoches sounds like a wonderful place. I'd love to see those Christmas lights.

    The magnolia is such a beautiful flower.

  6. Natchitoches looks absolutely beautiful. I've only ever visited New Orleans, but maybe, someday....

  7. I did not know that Louisiana and Mississippi shared the same state flower. My best friend was from Mississippi! And my brother is getting ready to move to Louisiana next month! I love the magnolia flower!!

  8. I've seen ads for the meal delivery and wondered if the price was worth it. Never been to Natchitoces, but looks charming! I do love magnolias and they do well here in SC too.

  9. Did you blog about y'alls anniversary celebration and I missed it. I've been looking for it.

    What great answer for a small town.

    I've seen the Hello Fresh on FB and wondered about it.

    Happy mid-week!!

  10. I love the magnolia. So stately and beautiful. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm not naturally short on words ever, so it is a true discipline when time is short. I think some people click past a wordy blog? I just feel so behind inmy housework after starting a prat time job three nights a week, that I feel guilty blogging or, if I have free time on weekends, I prefer quilting. Less thinking. Lol

  11. I really enjoyed your hodgpodge! Sad that you didn't learn to rollerskate. I've always struggled with public speaking and that's something I gave up on and I wish I hadn't.
    Love Magnolias! Last time we were in LA, I made hubby stop so he could feel how rubbery the leaves are. They are amazing flowers.
    Natchitoches looks amazing!! Loved your photos.
    BTW, HelloFresh looks so neat. I'm sure it's probably costly but what a good idea if money wasn't an issue.
    Anyhoo, loved your hodgepodge!


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