Sunday, October 11, 2015

One Dress - Multiple Looks

This summer I decided to give in to the maxi craze.  I found this brown number at
Soft Surroundings.  I liked it so well I ordered a deep teal one as well.
I wanted something that I could dress up or down and use for a variety of summer occasions.

Needless to say, I do not wear anything sleeveless so I had to be creative with something to cover the upper arms.

This blog is about some of the things I came up with that I already had in my closet.

NOTE:  Always shop in your closet first!

Because I adhere to the principle of capsule wardrobe planning, all of the items in my closet can be worn in multiple ways.

For a night out for dinner and Little Theater, I added this cream silk, bead-embellished jacket.
 You will notice I am wearing the same shoes in all these pictures.  Know why?  I'll tell you later.
 For lunch with some lady friends, I added this bright yellow, light-weight sweater.
For a less than formal event for the symphony, I added this shear shrug that covered the arms, but also added a degree of frivolity and pizzazz.
Now that fall is in the air down south, I plan to continue wearing this versatile, comfortable dress with a heavier covering.

I found this sweater while in northern Indiana a few weeks ago and loved it.  It is perfect with this dress and will be a cozy covering.
 This longer sweater works because of the short cut in front.

One of my favorite combos is the embellished jean jacket.  I find with over air-conditioned rooms during the southern fall, the jean jacket is very comfortable.
Now, why the same shoes.  Any ideas?  No, they are not the only pair of shoes I have.

These particular shoes have a slight wedge which lifts the hem of the dress off the floor.  Also, the color creates a continuation of the color giving a seamless flow.  The eye is drawn to my upper half and the overall affect is not broken.

Remember, unless you want your shoes to make a statement, match your pants or dress with the same color shoe or a neutral shade.

I think brown boots are going to be a good change in a few weeks.  And yes, the south allows us to wear this sort of attire for a couple more months.

I hope this gives you some ideas and encouragement to mix and match, and shop in your closet for creative outfits.

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  1. Beautiful...I am not sure if I could wear the maxi dress...Have a beautiful upcoming week. Blessings

    (and thank you for the shoe tip, we have one more day of nice weather and I was getting my clothes ready for classes tomorrow and I thought the pink converses would look cool with the 3/4 (clam diggers) blue jeans, and a pink t right...same color or keep it neutral.) Smiles

  2. Good morning! Well my goodness you certainly came up with several ways of making that dress look/seem different, and I loved every one seriously. I think my personal favorite may have been the sheer shrug. I do not own a maxi and I don't see it happening but I sure do love the look. My daughter works one very frequently and has several different looks with those she has too. She loves them too. Enjoyed this...have a good week!

  3. I'm impressed! I love all your outfits but especially like the cream silk, bead-embellished jacket. Your so creative.

  4. I love these various looks!! They truly flatter you. Thank you for this suggestion because my simple mind would have never thought to do this. I'm always on the hunt for ways to make my attire look better. (By the way, I like those shoes. I personally don't own a whole bunch of shoes and never would have noticed that had you not mentioned it.)

  5. I stand in amazement at all you can do with one simple dress, Libby! Everything looks fantastic!


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