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Past, Present & Future

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1. October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day. Did you see the movie? The sequels? In the second film, Doc takes Marty into the future to prevent Marty's future son from making a mistake. They leave 1985 and land on a 'skyway' on October 21st, 2015. So tell us, what were you doing in the fall of 1985?

In the fall of 1985 my children were 16 and 14 and in grades 10 and 8. Although I don't remember anything specific, I'm sure I was caught up in the throes of rearing two very energetic and involved teenagers.  John would have been heavy into sports and band, and Christy would have been in middle school, YIKES!  Not to mention activities at church.  Those were very busy, trying and fun times as I recall.

2.  If time travel were possible, would you want to go to the future? The past?

I have no desire to go back or forward one single day.  I find contentment right where I am.

3. We're not flying cars, but some of the technology imagined in the 80's film has indeed come to pass in real life 2015-flat screen TVs on the wall, tablets, fingerprint recognition, video conferencing, online banking, 3-D movies, motion controlled video games, drone cameras, and smart glasses (Google glass).  Do you worry technology is growing at a rate so fast we'll soon be unable to keep up with it's demands? Do you think the Internet does more harm than good?

Seriously, I think I have lived through the most rapidly advancing technological age.  I know my generation has seen the greatest amount of change than any other.  I remember large black, table top rotary dial phones and wall mounted phones that were on party lines.  I remember the first black and white televisions.  We were so excited to be able to get a bag telephone that actually worked in the car and then to have immediate internet access from anywhere. Not to mention the medical break through's. This has truly been an exciting era in which to live.  Yet, I know there is much more to be discovered and developed that is beyond my comprehension or imagination and as with the other advances, I will embrace them and learn to go with the flow.

Does the internet do more harm or good?  That depends on the user of the internet.  I frankly don't want to go back in time before the internet. (Ex. Our Blogs) It has its purpose and has made the world a much smaller place.  We have immediate access to more information than we ever knew existed and how that is used is dependent on the person using it.  The internet is neither good nor bad.
4. Your favorite dish prepared in a slow-cooker? Your favorite fast food?

I don't use a slow-cooker that often and when I do it is usually for soup.  My favorite fast food would be just a good hamburger.

5. No time like the present, down time, face time, pressed for time, in the nick of time, make time, mark time, or just in time...which timely saying most relates to your life right now?

In many ways this is down time for us due to retirement.  We get to choose how we want to spend our time.  But it is also make time, because we want to make time for those things that are important to us and we now have the time and resources to do.

6. Tell us about a place you went as a child or younger person that's no longer there or is now something else. How does that make you feel?

As a young teenager in the late 1950's , my favorite place in the whole wide world to visit and explore was the old Hotel Bentley in Alexandria, Louisiana.  It took up an entire block and was the biggest, grandest building I had ever seen.  The inside was all marble with huge columns and amazing mill work.  In the center of the lobby was the grand staircase that I absolutely loved.

I would go there and just walk around and explore all the floors and even ventured into the tallest tower one day.  This beautiful old hotel held dreams and wishes only a 14 year old could have. 

When I got a bit older, I would go to the first-floor restaurant and simple order a cherry coke and imagine what it might be like to actually belong in such a society.  Who could have guessed that I would one day stand on that marble staircase and be crowned "Miss LSU-A!"  What a thrill that was for me.
Prior to the announcement
The hotel was in disrepair for many years and only in 2012 was it purchased by a preservationist with plans to convert the top seven stories into condos.  I think it currently provides space for certain religious retreats and is used for receptions and events.  This grand old place will always hold a very special place for me.

7. Describe your comfort zone.

In my house doing what I enjoy most.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of times past, who of us ever celebrated birthdays like the kids do today.  For example, this past weekend, our youngest grand, Ava Grace celebrated her 9th birthday.  Actually she started the celebration the week before with two of her besties.  They had a large 3-way Mermaid Birthday Party.
Photos Complimentary of Johnita Smugmug Photography
On Friday, we got to be with her for Grandparent's Day at her school.
I also had the joy of spending the afternoon shopping and just playing with her.  She is so funny.  She said, "Bibby, I want to do all the fun things I will be too old to do tomorrow."  So she got to do whatever she wanted.
 On Saturday, we watched her play a soccer game before coming home.  That night she had a big date with her birthday besties to see Taylor Swift.  They wore matching outfits, had their hair coiffed, rode in a limousine bus and enjoyed the show from one of the family's skybox in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tx.
 On Sunday afternoon, Ava Grace, her friend, Chandler and some of their friends attended the American Girl Fashion Show at the Stonebriar Country Club, where obviously a good time was had by all.
Yes, it may be hard to top this 9th birthday for this sweet girl.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. enjoyed your answer to number 6, and your random thought, very nice

  2. Oh wow if that's what happens at 9 what will they do when she's 16?! lol Nice that you got to spend Grandparents day with her.

  3. Good morning! Wow! You certainly have a past memory most of us don't have! How fun and exciting that must have been. I agree with the internet thoughts. Whatever would we do without it these days? I think it is like soo many things though. There is MUCH that is good, and unfornately that comes with MUCH that is not so good. It all comes down to what each individual chooses to do with it. And finally, yes birthday's these days have become spectacular events it seems. Personally, while I have NO objection to celebrations, parties, and fun, I think many parents go WAY WAY overboard and with that comes the expectation of such from many. If your parents can't or won't keep up with the rest of them they feel they are somehow being cheated. To have each year be just as good or better then the year before becomes a nightmare of stress. I have seen this in more then one case and more then just a few families,and for children/babies that are too young to appreciate or even remember. Having said all that, your grand daughters birthday fun just sounded fantastic, and no doubt created memories they will never forget. Hope you have a good week!

  4. Your granddaughter is a birthday girl after my own heart : ) I love all the celebrating!

  5. I will be having much down time soon! Granddaughter is precious! Enjoy the parties!!!

  6. I always tell my dad, who is 92, that he has seen the most changes of any generation! Now that is very exciting about being crowned "Miss LSU-A!", way to go. I really enjoyed all the photos of your family and festivities.

  7. Well, didn't know you were Miss LSU-A, but doesn't surprise me a bit. Yes, the birthday parties have gone plum over the top in my humble estimation, have no idea what these kids will have to look forward to in future years. Ava is such a cutie! Happy weekend!

  8. Well...I had no idea you were Miss LSU--beautiful gowns...thank you for the smiles...and happy belated birthday to Miss Ava Grace. Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings


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