Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting Ready for Fall in the South, Part 2

I am so excited to take you shopping in a new favorite store.

is a locally owned business that offers a unique blend of home and garden, accessories, clothing, gifts, jewelry and antiques.
These lovely, friendly ladies will greet you at the door and assist you in finding treasures displayed all over this quaint little store.

Upon entering, your senses are assaulted by burning candles, texture and color.
Where to look first may be the biggest decision you will have to make.
To your left is a table of some of the cutest Halloween items - bright, orange and fun.
To your right, a vine arch invites one into a world of beauty.
Now, come and enjoy some of the beautiful vignettes throughout Mrs. McGregor's Garden.
It may be picture-overload, but I couldn't decide what to leave out.  But, this will give you an idea of the sensory overload you will receive upon entering.
 Is this Southern or not?
 I love these napkin rings.
White linen gowns and PJ sets for women and little girls
  A few things for the Thanksgiving Table

Beautiful jewelry items

How about shopping for Fall Outfits for you and the little girly girls in your life.

I just couldn't help myself!  I was completely overcome and didn't think I could possibly leave without adding to my Fall Wardrobe.
 This light-weight Niche top is my perfect color and covers all that needs covering.  And I must tell you that I found my favorite jeans.  They are Jag and have a wide stretch waistband that doesn't gap like so many jeans do.

This outfit is a Stella Garakasi top over brown stretch knit pants that will be my Fall Uniform.
 I have a variety of scarves and necklaces that will give this uniform outfit many great looks.
 Hubby even suggested adding a hat.  Now is this a glamor shot or what!!!

As you can tell, we "Get Ready for Fall in the South" by going all out.
Mrs. McGregor's Garden is a wonderful place to start.


  1. Great post, Libby! You have given me some great new places to visit when I come through the area! Love your poses in all of the look great!

  2. Wow, Libby, talk about sensory overload in that place! I'd probably want to buy everything there! You're such a perfect model...everything looks great on you!

  3. This place just looks fantastic! How fun...and the wardrobe looks soo good on you! Loved it! Enjoy your day...

  4. Okay, I have got to find a day that I can come over and go here and The Red Door. And, you look wonderful in both outfits and you do wear a hat well my dear! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your style...and your pixie haircut! I'm trying to work up the courage to go super short. One question- Where can I find tops like the ones in this post? I absolutely love them! Thanks!

  6. Sorry! Looking again I see you included all the links. Note to self- no comments before my first cup of coffee.


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