Monday, July 2, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Girls

Rather late getting to the computer for this Miscellany Monday.  But, I decided my housework has waited this long to get done, it can wait a few more minutes.  I'm retired, right?

Fun with Girls
This past weekend, I had my #5 granddaughter and two of her cousins for the weekend.  M-E has been visiting with her Louisiana family for a few weeks, having come down with us from Indiana.  As she will be returning home this week, it seemed a good time to have a girl's weekend.
My original plan was to let them make patriotic pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning.  But for my Spring, Sanguine, Type 1 granddaughter, Neon pancakes carried so more appeal.  So neon it was.
  We made a fun trip to Sci-Port and watched "Born to be Wild" at IMax.  The two cousins had never been to an IMax theater, so this was a thrilling experience for them.
A trip to Charming Charlie's was a fun event and gave these little diva's a chance to do their favorite thing - shop.
A photo session topped off the weekend and gave them each pictures to take home in their new picture frames as mementos.
 And this was the trip to meet the moms on Sunday afternoon.  A good time was had by all!

Neighbor Girls
These are the precious little girls of our neighbors who are moving today.  They are such a joy to see outside playing and to have watched grow these past five years.  Dad has finished medical school so they will be going back home to a new house and to join the family practice.  Daughter #4 will be born after they leave, so I will miss getting to know little Allie.  Rau family, we will miss you greatly.
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  1. Your life is filled with beautiful females! all such beauties.

    Have a good week!

  2. Oh my-those pancakes : ) They're so teal? How fun do have such pretty girls in your family!

  3. Your granddaughter and all the girls are beautiful!Love the neon pancakes & it looked everyone had a wonderful time !


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