Sunday, July 25, 2021

Changes That Bring Changes

What was your last big change?

Those of you who bother to read my blog, know our last big change was moving across a state line.  Yes, that indeed brought changes that brought changes.

This morning at church, a dear sweet lady complimented me on always looking so "put together."  I thanked her and went on my way because I know the truth.  I may appear to pull it all together on Sunday but what about Monday or Thursday or especially Saturday?

That led me to think about what my appearance says about me.  What image am I portraying? Is it a true one?

 My personal style has definitely changed with the changes in my life.  There was a time 20 years ago when I did easily put it all together every day.  I had suits and mix and match outfits with accessories to tie it all together and an attitude to pull it off with confidence.

Like I said, that was 20 years ago!  Then 10 years ago a big change happened called RETIREMENT!

Now, that will throw a wrench into how one implements their personal style.  All of a sudden, I went from suits to workout clothes. Thankfully, my sense of style and personal pride overrode that phase eventually.

Then, Covid hit and we all lived in our pj's without any guilt whatsoever.

Moving to a large metroplex and a small neighborhood where looking nice is a way of life, changes have again brought changes.  For one, our social life has taken a drastic upswing, but my closet size took a drastic downsizing.

So, how does one adjust their personal style in the midst of change?

First, ask if you even know your personal style?

My personal style is classy, simple, traditional, using a few basic wardrobe items that can be mixed and matched for any occasion.  I have learned that fewer items in the closet make being creative a challenge, but not impossible.

Second, does your personal style of the past relate to your present?  In other words, has your personal style changed in your changes?

Yes, for sure!  I am wearing much more casual clothes now than before and I have learned that it is okay to wear them more than once in a week's time.  Besides, no one here knows how long the items I wear have been hanging in my closet.

This is just one look from a capsule I put together several years ago for a trip.  You can never go wrong with black and white stripes.  Change to a pair of white jeans or crops but since the top doesn't cover the derriere, forget the leggings.  Slip on a pair of flip-flops or colored sandals and you've got a cute and different outfit.

This is just a classic look with white jeans (could easily be crops) and a simple tee.  Throw on a light weight jacket or cardigan when you're going to be in air conditioning, and you're ready to go.  Don't forget a statement necklace with this simple look.

This is a fun and super simple look that can be dressed up with accessories. 

This simple yellow-on-yellow casual outfit is about as dressed up as I get most days.

This is about as dressed up as I will be to go hear Ava Grace and 350 other young people present their summer mission choir trip concert tonight.  And I will feel as "pulled together" as it is likely to get.

So, how have changes that bring changes affected how you express your personal style?

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Miss Libby, you always look so nice! Your classic styling looks good dressed up or casual. I think your idea of casual is in line with what I view as acceptable casual. However, my gardening clothes are a far cry from being ready for public viewing! ha! Good grooming goes a long way toward a well put together look. I saw a lady in my local Meijer store recently and she was well groomed and nicely (not flamboyantly) dressed. The phrase that comes to mind when I encounter someone like her is "well tended". She cares about herself and for herself. We are the temple of Elohim and should respect that.

    Speaking of grocery stores, my daughter who lives in McKinney told me that HEB is opening a new store close to them. There will be new stores in Frisco and Plano opening in fall 2022.

    Several ladies have mentioned a severe drop-off of readers both on blogs and on Instagram. These crazy and uncertain times have affected all of us. We need to remember Who is in charge and that He knows the end of the story.

  2. Good morning! I always love reading your blog. I love casual and comfortable clothes but I don't think I have a style. I wish I did. I have a couple of "problems" - one is shoes -- I love flip flop type shoes and would wear them year round -- like Fit Flops or Vionic - more like a sandle but made lip a flip flop. I can't wear heels anymore. I love the way heels make my legs nice and long but these old feet just can't bear it anymore. My other problem is I hate long sleeves (and winter sweaters!). We, too, live in a neighborhood where nice clothing is seen - whether it be workout wear or everyday wear. My husband tends to put on a short sleeve polo to go for his walks. I, on the other hand, wear a Land's End tank top and exercise shorts :-) which drives him nuts (I think!).

  3. I've always thought you were put together. I'm rarely put together, especially since the pandemic. You look great! I don't want anyone coming and knocking on my door, that's for sure.


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