Thursday, February 13, 2020

10 Ideas for Celebrating Valentines at Home

Happy Valentine’s Day

I thought it might be fun to think about some tablescape ideas for celebrating with your significant other tomorrow.

My valentine date and I decided that we would prefer a nice evening at home rather than competing for a table in a restaurant somewhere in town.

So, how might I make it pretty and special?

10 Valentine Tablescape Ideas

This was one I used a few years back.  We really do prefer it pretty yet simple.

Whether you are entertaining ladies or "real men who wear pink", this is always a sweet way to celebrate a Valentine lunch or early dinner.

These are great ideas for sharing a Valentine breakfast with your special one, especially if he has plans to wine and dine you in the evening.

This simple, elegant table setting is a perfect way to start a morning together.

If fine crystal, china and candles aren't for you, then go with something much more informal yet pretty.

The beautiful arrangement, perhaps your valentine gift, could easily become the focal point of the table and keep everything else rather simple.  Nothing like celebrating with a gift of flowers.

I personally love the simplicity of this layered setup and pretty flatware.  You don't need much more than a few candles to dress up this table.

Now this just simply says "I LOVE YOU!" and enjoy spending time with you.

Should you want to keep your celebration really low key, then just a small touch of red with perhaps a gift for your sweetie is enough.

Or maybe something whimsical is more in keeping with the way you like to celebrate.

And of course, there is nothing wrong with going all out with your best china and crystal with lots and lots of flowers and candlelight.  I personally love this one.

I would love to hear and maybe even see how you and your sweetheart plan to spend this Valentine Day.

On a personal note, this was us in 1965 when we first became sweethearts.

We will celebrate 55 years of Valentines together this year.


  1. Lovely Valentine tablescapes you have shared and sweet photos of you and your honey!Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Congratulations on 55 years! Those table settings are so lovely. My daughter is getting married and I've been watching her choose things for her registry, there are such nice things out there.


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