Thursday, December 26, 2019

Unwrapping Christmas 2019

While things are pretty quiet around the house today, I thought I would share with you some pictures that capture Christmas Day 2019 at the Indiana Day house.

Traditions are achangin' around here this year.  What with two college girls and an engaged couple, routines and schedules have necessarily had to be adjusted.  Changes come and if anyone can go with the flow, it is this family.

Jackson and McKenna will be wed next October 2020.

Instead of opening a select few gifts on Christmas Eve, we saved them all for Christmas morning.  And because Jackson was up early to have Christmas with his soon-to-be new family, our's was pushed back some, which was fine because we were all moving slowly anyway.

Once everyone arrived, and we made ourselves presentable, we gathered in the family room in the traditional seating arrangements for the Christmas Story.

Dick always introduces the Bible reading with an interesting background devotional thought.  This always gives us food for thought and helps us see the story from a slightly different perspective.  This year he focused on the gift of life and the wonderful role of motherhood based on the beautiful story of Mary and Elizabeth.  He did good!

Then, we all take turns opening a present while everyone oohs and awes and  they pose for a picture.  This is tradition from years past that we all enjoy.

There is always a replenishing of wardrobes for the remainder of the winter months and this year there were plenty of warm, fluffy, cuddly items for both work and walking a snow-covered college campus.

Mary-Beth was thrilled with her newest Nutcracker.  She now has 18 in her collection.

Among the snugly clothing items were these awesome matching jackets for the Day gals.

Dick and I were thrilled with all our thoughtful and generous gifts and cannot wait to get home and use them.

Then everyone got presentable and pretty and we took more pictures.

We are thrilled that McKenna will soon be officially one of us.


Savannah and Skye are picture perfect.

Mary-Beth's smile brings sunshine to all around her.

And that's a wrap for Christmas 2019!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. Wow! so enjoyed this recap. I didn't know that Jackson was engaged. What fun! It's quite different when you have 4 kiddos and 1 baby. Oh, my, it was a chaotic time for sure. Safe travels home!

  2. I enjoyed all the photos. Your family is beautiful. I had some trouble reading your words, your post seemed out of range. I'm not sure if it was just on my end. Happy New Year!


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