Sunday, September 9, 2018

Transitioning Seasons With B/W Shirt #3

Again, in this week's post, I will feature the pretty and super comfortable black stretch leggings with pretty little bow and pearl detail all from
Hudson House
in Shreveport, La.

So many of you, like me love the little detail on the bottom of the legs.

You will see more of this beautiful white shirt in future posts, but I wanted to show it with these versatile leggings.

Let me also give you a close up of this beautiful necklace.

Don't you like the mesh knot detail and it is so light weight.
I chose to wear this necklace with another outfit from Hudson House.

I wish you could reach out and touch this sleeveless, flowing chiffon vest with the beautifully elegant detail around the hem.

The back is solid black and dips lower than the front.  I paired it with a glittery sweater and thought it made a perfect outfit for most any occasion.

Previously, HERE I mentioned the comfort and length of this black camisole.  In this picture, you can see the length and how it covers the crotch area and is good to wear under a top with leggings.

This pretty, long duster shirt feels so yummy and makes its own fashion statement. 

The sleeve length options makes this top suitable for summer and for cooler temperatures later on.

Buttoned, it makes a nice top for the office or most any nice event.  I paired it with one of my own statement necklaces and diamond earrings.

Don't you like the length of this roomy shirt?  Imagine it with a white camisole and white jeans or leggings.  Remember, white is still perfect even after Labor Day.

 I would even consider adding an orange, or teal top underneath with complimentary jewelry to further personalize this outfit for my coloring.  You can use your imagination to dress this top up or down.

What would you do?

If you like black with red, then you won't want to miss next Monday's post.

I have not in any way been compensated for this post.

The Fashion Boutique of Hudson House is located at 3118 Gilbert Drive in Shreveport, La. The Boutique has dressed women in Shreveport for over 20 years and continues to offer unique clothing and accessories.



  1. You look lovely in all of it. I especially like the vest and I'm sure glad that white is still fine after Labor Day. Happy week and please pray that we don't encounter the ravages of the hurricane. We are concerned. :o))

  2. Elizabeth... you look darling in every outfit! I live in black, white, and grey all Fall and Winter. Have a wonderful week.

  3. That cami looks terrific. I am going to check it out. These outfits are gorgeous! I'll be back to see your black with red.


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