Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Howdy, Farewell, Reunite Weekend

Howdy New Aggie!
 On Friday night, our oldest granddaughter, Chandler walked across the stage of Reed Arena on the Texas A&M Campus and became our very own Aggie graduate.  She will make an amazing Lower Ed teacher and we can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use her to touch little lives.

Celebrating with Mom and Sis, Four of her Siblings, and Grandparents.
The proud parents of the couple
And in two weeks we will be saying
"Hello Wedding!"

Hello Farewell Until
While in College Station, we stayed with some of our oldest and dearest friends, Dr. and Mrs. Derry Magee.  That is Derry on the left above with Hubby and friend Bill back in 1967.  Derry served on the staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine at A&M for many years.

Derry is in the final stages of cancer and we won't see him again this side of heaven.  So, it was a blessing for us to have this precious time with them.  As Derry told us, "I'm ready.  I know I won't have to cross Jordan alone."

When that time comes Derry won't be alone because he knows he will be spending eternity with his Heavenly Father.  That is how one should be able to face death.

He is ready, but we aren't ready to let him go.  But Derry, we will see you again.

Hello Cousins Reuniting
On Saturday morning, we drove down to Austin, Texas to visit one of my few remaining first cousins.  Jackie and I have remained in touch through the years but haven't actually seen each other in many years.  She and Danny recently bought a home in the beautiful hill country of Austin and invited us to visit.

I will talk more about this visit on Wednesday, but for today, I'll just say "Thank you Danny and Jackye for your warm hospitality and wonderful visit.
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  1. Lovely post with beautiful family pics. So sorry about y'alls friend. A tough, tough time for sure. And, now the wedding in just a few short days. Y'all are some busy folks right now. Happy new week!


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