Monday, February 10, 2014

Crepe Murder and Eating Vegan

Happy Late Monday Morning Posting

I'm still wondering what happened to my Sunday evening.  Oh now I remember; I spent it reclined watching the Olympics.  And here it is Monday morning and I'm just now getting on the computer.

Crepe Murder
If you are not from the South, you may have no idea what I'm talking about.  And no, it is not a mystery novel.
Crepe Myrtles are a beautiful tree used in most southern landscapes and known for its abundant colorful spring-to-summer flowers, artistic shape and interesting bark.

However, when not pruned properly, you end up with these horrible knots and a misshapen tree.  That's called Crepe Murder!  And many a tree in our area has been victimized.
Also, a terrible Crepe Myrtle Scale is moving into our area from Dallas that is attacking these trees.
More info here! 
 So, on Saturday morning, Hubby and I attended a class on "Crepe Myrtle Success" led by the LSU Extension Service.

Before proper pruning
So, being inspired, we came home and promptly did some proper pruning to our babies.
 By the way, my 40 year old Sago Palm that has survived four moves is not liking this winter weather and more is expected tonight.  I'm afraid it will get a huge cut-back this spring if it survives.

Eating Vegan
I mentioned a few weeks ago, that Hubby and I were determined about eating more healthy foods.  We felt that a Vegan lifestyle was best for us at the time.  We have chosen to leave off meats and most dairy products and eat only plant proteins.

After a month, I must report that we are convinced this is still the right decision although it is requiring more time planning, shopping and cooking.  We find that we have less leftovers which is a good thing.  Anything left can always go into a soup.

I just wanted to share a dish I fixed this past weekend - Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms.
It was awesome!
Ready for the oven
I used a vegan sausage, which I must admit the thought of gave me some trepidation.  But, it was delicious.  We used the little bit of the cooked leftover sausage mixture on Pita toast for a Sunday afternoon - Olympic watching snack and it was so good.

So, if you want to consider eating less meat protein, let me encourage you.  There are really good alternatives.

Last week I featured my friend Sharon Mabus for "Beauty Without Within Thursday." HERE
Yesterday at church, she handed me a note with a few things she had forgotten to share with me earlier.  I told her I would have to do an addendum because I thought it said so much about her.
1.  Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, Sharon and Jim housed two nurses who had come down from New York to assist with New Orleans refuges housed at the Hirsch Coliseum here in Shreveport, taking and picking them up every day.

2.  Sharon currently teaches French to several ladies once a week.

3.  Sharon says that "God's biggest Multiple Sclerosis gift to me has been ACCEPTANCE."

Lord, teach me acceptance in those areas of my life that can't be changed.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Bravo to you for eating healthier. I've been working on that one for years ;-) Yes the Crepe Myrtle is definitely a beautiful tree. Did you know that if you mow it down when it is just a wee thing will grow back, not as a tree but as a bush? Anyway...hope your palm survives the winter...this weather leaves much to be desired!

  2. Oh, I've seen the Crepe Murder on many trees around here. Our landscaper handles ours every year. Many, in our neighborhood, required additional pruning after that big ice storm in December. Thankfully, ours were spared. We're still embracing the Daniel plan here. It wasn't as hard as we thought!

  3. Oh, those poor trees! Thankfully, proper pruning can help in avoiding such things from happening. You don't want a pretty tree to die like that, right? I'm happy that your place has classes to help prevent this. It shows that your community cares very much for these trees. While pruning on your own helps if you own a few trees, perhaps getting a landscaper should do the trick on larger properties. I hope more people pick up the cause!

    Matthew Moss @ Hampton Roads Landscaping


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