Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Weekend and Sisters

My sweet sisters called Thursday and said, "We're coming!"

Now, how blessed can a gal be?

When planning our weekend, I mentioned mine and Hubby's thoughts about going to the local Farmers Market early Saturday morning and that we would need to leave at 6:30.  Well, Middle Sis, being the early riser she is, was all in.  Little Sis, not so excited so we let her sleep.

We got there before the huge crowds appeared and while the veggies were fresh and in stock.  But, the Louisiana sun and humidity beat us there, I'm afraid.


Beautiful floral mixtures
  I heard a lady say that the Brown Tomatoes are a perfect blend of sweet and acid.  I have to agree.
Brown Tomatoes

 Sis and Hubby are loaded down and ready to head home for a lunch of fresh roasted veggies and baked salmon.
By the way, my precious Sis is just 6 lbs. short of reaching her goal to lose 50 lbs.  She has done it in less than 4 months.  She is radiating beauty, health and confidence, not to mention lots of new clothes.

We didn't leave little sis out completely.  We did do some fun shopping this afternoon which she was more than game for.

Thanks Sisters for being so special and knowing that JUST RIGHT time to be here.
Love you.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Oh, so glad they came and lifted your spirits. Praying your new week holds many blessings.

  2. Sooo glad your sisters are there! You are in my prayers!

  3. How wonderful to have your sisters with you! I'm the middle of three sisters--I'd love to have mine here with me for a weekend!

    Beautiful photos--isn't it fun to go to the Farmers' Market? :)


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