Monday, February 25, 2013

Aerial Yoga & My Oscar Review

Mid morning again, and I'm just getting my Monday post with Carissa done.  I had hoped to get it done yesterday, but since I didn't, I thought I would do a review of the Oscar Red Carpet attire from last night.  Did your favorite movie win anything?  Hubby and I paid $5.99 to watch ARGO from the comfort of our den yesterday afternoon and it was so worth it.  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.  Now, we want to watch some of the other winners.

Aerial Flow Yoga

Last week I tried something new.  Two Pilates friends and I attended an Aerial Flow Yoga class taught by our Pilates instructor.
 Okay, the picture above is a slight misrepresentation of what we actually did, but it is something to work toward, I suppose.

This class is an excellent way of stretching and building core strength while defying gravity.
The following are some actual positions that I did, even with the rod in my back.
 It was a fun and different experience and I think it may become something to try on a regular basis.


Did you watch?  Following are some of my observations.
Best Dress Under 40
Best Dress Over 40
Best Full-Size Figure
Best (Back) & Worst Front (She needed a bra or something pick-me-up)
Most Gorgeous Princess Style and Most Embarrassing, but it afforded an outstanding view of this gorgeous dress and how a gracious lady responds after such a moment.  Thank you Jennifer Lawrence.
Love the Color but Didn't Like the Hair
  Best Hard Metal Dresses
 Absolutely the Cutest
Best Mommy Bump
Best Looking Couple

Now, from my "What Was She Thinking?" Category
Worst Full-Figure Dress
Worst Color
Could this color ever look good on anything other than a canary?  But, we must commend her plastic surgeon on a job well done.
ABSOLUTE Worst Fit, Most Boobs, Ugliest, Most Unappropriate!
  Worst Choker & Hair Adornment.  A Tiara?  Really?
That being said, Selma is still beautiful and that figure?  Oh, I could only wish! 
Why do designers think they have to use all the material on the bolt just because it is there?
And, what was her hair dresser thinking?  Trying not to distract from the bulbous skirt, I can only assume.
One of the Absolute Worst on the Red Carpet!
Did she really feel the need to remain in her Les Mis character this long?

May you have an Oscar Winning Monday!
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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  1. I love Robin!! I loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress. That was my pick.

    Brandi - not sure how she stay in the dress.

  2. Great post! I have never watched the Oscar's so glad for your review. I just watched Robin's cancer journey on 20/20 this past Friday night and so enjoyed it. She looked so lovely at the Oscar's. Happy week!

  3. I love Jennifer Garner's dress. The color is so beautiful! Fun post.


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