Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Another Wednesday, another Hodgepodge.  Join us on Joyce's blog HERE.

1. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

It truly can be.  In these two pictures for instance.
Or how could words ever tell the story and evoke the emotion that Van Gogh told in this painting?

Whether or not a picture represents or misrepresents truth, it still tells a story.

2. Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway? If so what was your favorite stop? If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list?
We have, and there is absolutely no way to have one favorite stop.  This is going to be a pictorial tour of just some of my favorite stops from our trip back in 2004.
San Fransisco:  We started in San Fransisco where one must experience the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the San Fran skyline.  You will also want to take a Trolley/Cable Car to Fisherman's Wharf.  We took a Gray-line Tour which gave us a great overall view of the city.

San Jose:  You do not want to miss seeing the crazy and fascinating Winchester Mystery House.

Half-Moon Bay:  This is certainly worth stopping for.  The back of the Ritz Carlton is one of the most beautiful scenes.

Big Sur:  Oh my, the sights along this stretch of the highway.  The Bixby Bridge, barely seen in my picture above, is one of the tallest single span concrete bridges in the world and one of the most photographed bridges on the West Coast.  You will want to park often in order to not miss these most amazing views.
Don't forget Big Sur National Park where there are huge Red Woods that you can literally stand inside.

San Simon:  Here is the magnificent Hearst Castle and definitely worth visiting

San Luis Obispo:  Also known as Pismo Beach, there is a lot to do here, but I will just highlight some of the things we did.  Dick had lived here for six months right out of high school and we visited a distant cousin he had lived with and had not seen in over 50 years.  This was the highlight of the whole trip.  As part of her tour, we had lunch at an outdoor restaurant on Moro Bay, where we could watch the boats and seals.  She told us that sometimes the barges get so loaded with seals, that they sink.  I can see how this would happen.  We also visited the gaudy Madonna Inn and sampled some of their renowned cakes.

This was our last stop on the Pacific Coastline before going back north on an inland passage.  I can honestly say this was one of the best trips we have taken and would do it again in a minute.

3. How do the changing seasons affect you? As the seasons change do you find yourself looking more forward or backward? Which season-season transition bothers you most? Why do you suppose that is?

The changes into Fall are my favorite and invigorate me.  We happen to be getting a foretaste today with a wonderful 79 degrees.

As I get older, I am probably looking back a little more than I used to because I am old enough to have accumulated memories and experiences worth reliving.  But, I am also old enough to look forward with anticipation knowing this is not my home and it will be so much better when I get there.

I do not handle the time change in the spring well.  I love fall and winter and dread the coming summer heat.  Perhaps this is why I struggle with that transition.

4. It's your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu. What are we having? Do you ever lie about your age?

I don't really care what is on the menu as long as I have some German Chocolate Cake.

No, I am proud of every one of my almost 73 years!

5. What's a life lesson you've learned recently?

That God is not in my dress rehearsals.  I am so good at rehearsing what if's and I am so grateful to have learned this lesson, but wish it had come much, much earlier.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

This past weekend, we traveled to Dallas to see our youngest granddaughter perform in a play.
All of the kids did an amazing job and we are so proud of our little actress.
Just a very short clip of the opening number.
Also loved seeing and spending time with all the rest of the family as well.


  1. Your trip looks wonderful! I really want to see some of the southern end but we will spend most of our time exploring Oregon. Looks like it will be really pretty too.

  2. Elizabeth... Holy Guacamole! You look incredible. I'll have what you're having! Great pics in your post - the first one is my fave. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Wow! I am definitely rethinking a trip to California after reading your post!! Loved your life lesson. And I too wish my life lesson had been learned so much earlier. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Well, the photos along your trip along the Pacific coast have totally convinced me that I should go! I too loved your life lesson. Great hodgepodge!

  5. So many things today to love! What great pictures of that trip and all there is to do there. Jay has a cousin in Carmel and I bet she could show us some sights, too. Your answer is beautiful about looking back and looking forward. Of course! We have Heaven awaiting us.
    You look terrific in those pics and judging from your recent ones, you have taken really good care of yourself. Your family is beautiful and your granddaughter is adorable. THey sounded very good in the clip.
    The pics you chose for number 1 were excellent examples. Very good reading today.

  6. I always have a hard time with the time change in the Spring also! I don't know what it is that makes it so difficult!

    Here's my hodgepodge:



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