Monday, May 2, 2016

Making Guests Feel Welcome

How do you make guests feel welcome in their bath away from home?
 Have you ever been the guest in someone's home and felt that perhaps you were an after thought when it came to the guest bathroom?

That has not happened to me many times, thankfully, but the thought has made me conscious of how I make guests feel welcome in my home.

So, take a look at what I do in hopes my guests will want to plan a return visit.

This guest bath is quite small so making the most of what space I have is important.
This is the way the room looks most days.
 I love the use of silver and the angels with their silver plate wings add such a lovely touch.  They also compliment the polished nickle fixtures.
Having disposable hand towels is convenient for visitors.
For overnight guests, I remove the decorative items and replace them with more practical items such as containers for Que-tips, facial pads and disposable cups.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as lotions and soaps are in the top drawer.
I also have a hair dryer.
Extra space in lower cabinets is available for make-up bags or whatever they might want to leave there for convenience.

I am using a silver cake stand to elevate the items and also allow more surface space beneath.
A set of fresh linens is out so they don't have to guess where to find them.
  There is also an assortment of toiletry items for their convenience.
One important thing to remember is to have a fresh roll of toilet tissue and replacements where they can easily be found.
Nothing says "Welcome" like fresh flowers and special touches.  I want my guests to know they were anticipated and planned for.
Thinking about what you would like made available for you in a guest bath, is a good starting place when planning yours.

You may want to visit Poppy at With a Dash of Color to see her ideas for using some inexpensive items to dress up her master bath.  She has done a beautiful job.

In the comments, I would love to hear what you do to make your guests feel welcome. 


  1. Very in NY having 2 bathrooms is rare (or the second one is in the basement). We currently only have one...however, when we do have guests, I always set out fresh linens, soaps etc. Great post...smiles

  2. I love having guests, too, and try in simple ways to say, "I'm glad you honored us with a visit!" In addition to some of the lovely things you mentioned, I try to have handy a fresh supply of feminine supplies and wipes and hand sanitizer sanitizer; also, OTC meds in case of a need, particularly during the night, such as Ibuprofen, acid reducers, anti-nausea, etc., and of course, Band Aids. It's also a good idea to let the guests know they have "texting rights" or a knock on the door at any time should an unexpected need arise during the night. And, hopefully a guest would never need this unpleasant item: stow away a friendly plunger in a well-hidden, but accessible, area! I also keep a small lamp burning as a nightlight. Finally, anti-bacterial air freshener is an essential ingredient to any guest bath! As my granddaughter said at age 3 when her task had been completed: "Here, Granny Vee. Spray some of this poop-a-ree!" Y'all come! And to all, a good night!

  3. As always, I do my proof reading after I hit SEND! I really don't sanitize my sanitizer! 😂

  4. Beautiful bathroom and great tips. I love the above comments by Velta and her granddaughter. Too funny. I'm thinking I need to update the guest bath at our house.

  5. Great tips for making your guest bath ready for actual guests! I try to do the same in preparation for my guests! Happy Monday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. It looks very welcoming! I love to think of everything they could possibly need while they are visiting. Unfortunately with our two children back home we no longer have a place for guests to stay. I'm not complaining, I love having my children here and will miss them when they get back out on their own.

  7. Your bathroom is just lovely...I'd love to pop in there for a visit. I do almost all of the same things. Fresh towels sitting out, fresh flowers on the counter, Kleenex, q-tips, make-up pad removers in nice containers on counters, ibuprofun and antacids in medicine cabinet, toothbrushes and toothpaste and lotions and mouth wash and floss in top drawer. A couple of spare rolls of toilet tissue on the floor behind trash by toilet. Your idea of disposable water glasses is a good one...may have to steal that idea, lol Many of my over night guest are grand kids though and I think most of it is lost on them, lol, but I love to think of ANY guests not having to ask for a thing. Have a good week!

  8. Oh my, what a pretty and welcoming guest bath! I love love love the soft colors and silver accents! And those silver angels, be still my heart! Lovely post! Thank you so much for the shout out, Elizabeth and for your kind and encouraging words:)You sweet words warm my heart! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Poppy

  9. Well, I think ours is ready and we will be having guests next week in our guest suite. I try very hard to anticipate our guests needs and looks as though you do to. Lovely post!

  10. Anyone would feel right at home staying with you, Libby...your guest bathroom is so welcoming. Love all the little touches. I, too, have toothbrushes, toothpaste, and bottle of shampoo handy, if needed.


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