Thursday, May 12, 2016

Indiana Trip Continuation

Our Friday with Savannah continued as soon as we got back to the campus and could load into her car.  We would soon be off on a 3 hour drive down to Indianapolis.

The parents had a week-long trip planned to Vegas so we were able to accompany Savannah to a weekend soccer tournament in Indy.  Our pleasure, for sure!

Big brother Jackson came in after finishing his finals at WMU and kept Mary-Elizabeth company while we were gone.

After getting checked into the hotel, we took the hostess's dinner recommendation and found our way to Rick's Cafe Boatyard.
The scenery from our table was amazing as the sun began to go down over the lake.
And the food wasn't bad either.  We started with the most delicious appetizer - Rico's Dip.  It consisted of spicy chicken, green onions, black olives, guacamole, sour cream & tomatoes smothered in co-jack cheese served with red, white & blue tortilla chips & salsa.
Can we just say delicious?

I do not normally eat seafood that far north, but I thought I would test the chef's claim that the Fried Louisiana Catfish Fillets was the most popular dish on the menu.
I will admit it was good and definitely more than I could eat.  But, does it compete with what we have here?  Yes, it probably does!

We so enjoyed our time with Savannah that night.  She is good company for sure.  And beautiful to look at from across the table.  This was a great ending for a long, full, fun, eventful day with her.
The first game of the tournament - let me stop right here and explain that Texas is not the only state that does things big, because this was no small tournament.  There were over 350 teams participating.  Did you get that?  Over 350 TEAMS!  Do you have any idea how many people can be involved with a team, including coaches, players, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.?
Just let me tell you that 350 X ? = A BUNCH!

Anyway, back to the first game.  It started at 7:30 AM.  That means you must be there 45 minutes early and our hotel was at least 30 minutes away.  Does this say early morning to you?

It is not enough to try to find a parking place with that many adoring fans, but then we had to search for an unmarked field #2.  This is a huge complex with well over 20 soccer fields.  YIKES!

We made it though and got our chairs set up and rain gear on before the game and rain started.
 These were about the only pictures I got of Savannah with my iPhone.  I did not dare take my big Canon out in that weather.  She plays so hard and tough; we love watching her.  And they won.
Next game was at 1:30 on the opposite side of the complex and again no obvious number to assist finding it.  Let me just say that the bottom fell out and the temperature fell 20 degrees.  In fact, the weather was so bad, the officials closed the tournament for the day after this game.  We endured though and of course I chose to not risk flooding my phone and got no pictures.  They lost this very hard-fought and physical game.

Next game was 8:30 Sunday morning back on #2.  Yippee, we knew where to park and where to go.  That had become a big deal by this time.
They won this game quite handily, but the one loss knocked them out of the finals.  So home we went.

We just loved being able to be with Savannah for this weekend.  Win or lose, she is always a WINNER in our book.

Next post will be a "Pictorial Study of Amish Farms."  I hope you will join me.


  1. I'm sure Savannah enjoyed your company as well! Rick's Boatyard is a good place to eat and I love the setting. Sorry about all the rain! We are so sick of's too wet to work in the gardens and the weeds are taking over.

  2. Sure sounds like had a wonderful time with Savannah, Libby! That fried catfish looks of my all-time favorites!

  3. How wonderful that you can help out. Good time for sure! That Cafe looks awesome.


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