Monday, November 2, 2015

How I Wear My Gray

Today I am participating with Adrienne
How I Wear My Gray.

Gray may be the season's hottest hue, but that doesn't necessarily make it easy to carry off.  And, it is not my best color.  So, here's how I wear gray and some pointers that may help you wear it as well.
  Add shine to gray.
Either choose gray pieces with hints of metallic thread or sequins, or layer with a sequin or satin piece.  My suit has a sheen that adds interest and keeps it from being a boring old gray suit.
I like to wear a black shell with suits because I can accessorize it anyway I want to.  But, for the most sophisticated and professional look, pair gray with black or white.  Or wear various shades of gray, layering dove gray and charcoal together.  The lighter the gray, the darker the complementary color should be, and vice versa.
Match gray with colors that work.
If you are like me and gray is not your best color, then add interest to gray with color.  Jewel tones -- ruby, purple, cobalt, and violet -- all look rich with gray.
Many women find the best way to wear gray is as a jacket or bottom, using color (in the form of a blouse or shell) up close to the face for flattery.  Scarves and jewelry add a great option too.  These kinds of color combinations give the impression of a balanced outfit, with just enough contrast to keep it interesting.
Have fun with gray!
There are so many possibilities for changing up what otherwise could be a very boring and bleaching color.  For ideas, find a piece of art that you really like.  This will give you color combination suggestions.
Do any of the following paintings speak to you and inspire you to shop in your closet for new combinations and outfits?
So how do you wear your gray?


  1. Well, I sure am glad to know that in my ignorance I wore all my grey correctly yesterday to church. I love gray and it was so hard to find for many years and I'm thrilled that it's back and in grand fashion. Happy week!

  2. Beautiful gray outfit! Jill and I are so happy you're joining us this month for How I Wear My. I love the examples of how versatile a color gray is. So helpful! I like the last painting best...always a fan of pink.

  3. Love the added shine to your grey suit to keep a monochromatic look interesting!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  4. I love what you have posted. I for one, love gray, but can not see shades of gray and I always leave it up to my husband to tell me IF it is gray or black. Gray and shades of blues are hard for is heredity.

    ANYWAYS---thank you for a beautiful post...I love the all the paintings you posted...Beautiful and I am unable to pick just one. Blessings


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