Monday, May 11, 2015

A Friday to Recall

Yes, last Friday was a day worthy of remembering and I hope you don't mind my sharing it with you.
Girl Friends Rule!
Last week I mentioned that I and a group of long-time friends planned to get together.
We met on Friday at the lovely lake home of one of the group.
Long-time friends, Lea, Dottie, Nancy, Carolyn and I had the best time catching up on friendships that have spanned over 40 years.

Thank you Dottie for hosting us!  What a great time we had.
We had a great Girl Friends Rule kind of day!
And yes, you did recognize Lea from CiCi's Corner.  So hop over there and see what she has to say about the day.
After our get-together, I went back to Bastrop where we had lived among these ladies for 33+ years to photograph the grounds of Nature's Hideaway Gardens.
When I moved away in 2002, this was only a very small little nursery just down the road from me.

Now, it is a fairly large haven for plant lovers as well junkers.
Kathy was getting ready for her big annual "Springtime in the Garden" event the next day when I got there and a very heavy downpour that morning had put her a little behind.
So, she let me roam and do my thing.

Kathy has an art for combining her love for plants and old stuff and it's hard to believe all of this is outdoors.
She has created little "rooms" throughout the gardens that are enchanting.
There was so much to see and yet my eye found many little vignettes on which to rest.
I so appreciate Kathy's artistic eye and her desire to preserve things of the past along side new growth.

She even has a real chicken yard.
Thank you, Kathy for letting me explore and live for a little while in your hidden garden.


  1. Everything about this sounds soo good. From the enchanting garden you photographed to the time spent with long-time friends! I would have loved it! Enjoy your week!

  2. Love and thanks for sharing my little piece of Heaven on earth with your friends

  3. It is so cool that you and Lea know each other. I'm not sure I knew that! That is one awesome nursery. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. I bet you ladies had such a blast together! I didn't realize you had known Lea for that long!

  5. Lovely pictures of Kathy's gardens. And, what a fun time Friday was for us. Hard to believe our friendship spans a half a lifetime. WOW!!!


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