Thursday, February 12, 2015

Loved, Liked, Learned Friday

That 50 years ago this month I was invited to meet special friends of Hubby-to-be.  They are still our very special friends and we are so grateful for them.
Bill & Velta Morris
 (Just to put this in perspective, their adorable little boy is now a very successful family physician in Lancaster, SC - Dr. Art Morris. - with grown children of his own.  Oh I'm old!)
Circa Feb. 1965
That we were able to have our nephew Ben and his fiance', Ashley for dinner last Saturday.  They will be married on April 4th and Hubby will be doing the ceremony.
Are they not the sweetest and cutest?   We could not be happier for both of them.
I liked that my little white mini vases looked so sweet with the small red carnation buds as a centerpiece for the dinner table.
Very Valentine-y and romantic!

I also liked having a vase on a side table in the living room that we are enjoying.
That a Shreveport author, Charles Lawler has written a novel about a couple finding love using Hurricane Betsy as the starting period.  Betsy hit our South Louisiana town of New Iberia a few days after Hubby and I got married and moved into our little duplex apartment in September of 1965.

Honeymooners are oblivious to storms but we will never forget standing at our front door in the middle of the night hearing the wind and rain lash against the trees and house, and seeing the devastation all around us the next morning.  We were fortunate but many others were not so.

I have not read the book yet but if you are interested,
you can find it HERE.

I have learned that Fifty Shades of Grey, in theaters for Valentine's Day is a horrid movie based on a best-selling book about a college student and her torrid affair with a 27-year-old billionaire with a penchant for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism.

Janet Denison had this to say about it on her blog:

My greatest concern about Fifty Shades of Grey is this:  Will the "Mommy porn" of today be the Harlequin romance of my granddaughter's generation?  Will the culture fade towards the blacker shades of grey or turn the other direction?

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to
 everyone who believes"(Romans 1:16).

Please think twice before buying a ticket and endorsing this pornographic movie.

Surely this Valentine weekend will offer you much to LOVE, LIKE and LEARN.

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  1. I love your layout of your post, LOVE, LIKED and LEARNED. Smart!
    Your friends and the photos are so special. Congrats to the young couple too.
    I am absolutely appalled that women would go and see such a wicked movie. Sadly these days there are far more women then there are ladies. I was sick to see it showing here in our Slavic Country and in another language. Of all the stuff to get from the US they get our trash.
    Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Good morning! What a wonderful surprise to read today's blog! I must say that we witnessed the beginnings of an enduring love for a lifetime on that weekend so long ago. Our little town had been abuzz with anticipation when we first knew that Dick Day was to bring his beautiful Libby Lazenby to Kentwood, Louisiana! We could hardly wait! Wow! She was just as lovely as we had been told, and as you know, that love is still enduring after all these years and the remembrance of that special time has blessed us over and over. Our church was given much more than music by Dick Day. He became part of our family!
    We love you both and pray God's continued blessings on you! What a wonderful, love-filled legacy for your children!

  3. What a blessing to have those long term friendships! A very rare thing. Your pics of the flowers are lovely and your nephew and fiancée are a beautiful couple.

    I can't imagine a hurricane. Living in Texas, there is always the threat of tornadoes.

    I have read several articles and blogs about this movie. I am concerned that so much publicity is being given to it, but, on the other hand, I'm glad to see all the warnings. It is shocking that it has sold so many copies, but I am hoping the movie fails. What a shame.


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