Thursday, October 9, 2014

Colors of Fall in My House

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 Because I knew I would be somewhat incapacitated for an undetermined length of time, I climbed into the attic and with Hubby's help retrieved all the Fall decorations. A week prior to my surgery, I had it all done and ready for us to enjoy.

Fall is my favorite season!
 I never tire of the traditional colors of Fall
Regardless of the season, I always keep a very simple arrangement on my mantel because of the over-sized picture. 
 Balance of materials and objects is very important.
 I am using a small arrangement on the breakfast table.
 The neutral sofa allows me to use seasonal pillows and decorative items on the sofa table.
These fresh flowers balance all the faux items I am using and bring in a brightness that Hubby and I both enjoy.
 This little fall arrangement finds itself in a different location every year.  This year I am enjoying it on top of my lingerie chest in the master bedroom.  I knew it would be nice to see while recuperating in the bed.
The front of the house was not left out.
Thank you for visiting my home this Fall.
Now, see what others have done.


  1. Really beautiful decorations! I especially love the door arrangement. Hope your surgery goes well, and you recover quickly! You have a lovely any season!

  2. Very nice, your house looks beautiful and all ready for Fall!

  3. How smart of you to decorate before your surgery so that you could enjoy it while you recuperate.

    I hope each day is getting better for you. When I saw your foot on FB Monday it made my skin crawl. Utterly awful looking!

    Blessings abundant!

  4. Elizabeth - it's so nice to meet you! You're right - we have a lot in common. However, I can see you are much more skilled at decorating than I am. :) Your home and decorations are beautiful.
    Praying you are recuperating well.

  5. What a gorgeous display of Fall. Your home is beautiful. I hope you are getting better every day. Take care. Maria

  6. I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could stop by yours and see these wonderful decorations. They are amazing. I can almost smell the scent of cinnamon in the air.


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