Friday, November 8, 2013

A Happy Birthday Weekend Trip

When I learned that pianist and good friend, Nelda, was playing for "Saturday Night Jazz on the Creek" in Salado, Texas, I knew where I wanted to spend my 69th birthday weekend.
Best friends, Judy and Tom were happy to go along, so West we went on Friday morning.
Nelda had recommended that we might enjoy eating that night at The Shed.

"A Unique Tavern Experience!"
Think of a casual, rustic spot to enjoy whatever ball game you may want, have a good quart jar full of sweet tea, and visit with friends. Throw in an order of their gourmet Frito Pie, Burgers, or Sliders, and THAT is The Shed!

We realized that the happening place for breakfast was without a doubt McCain's Bakery & Cafe.
We quickly learned that McCain's is the early morning meeting place for locals as well a tourists.  And we understood why.  Lynette and her staff made us feel very welcome and the food was delicious.
Across the street from McCain's was an old log cabin that we learned was discovered in 1986 inside a house that was being torn down.  It is thought that it was probably build around 1850 and could have been a stage stop, a post office, and a school before being hidden inside the residence.
The other smaller log cabin was built in 1867 of hand-hewn, square cedar logs, joined by wooden pegs.  It was restored in 1955.  There were so many interesting details on this old cabin.
Judy and I
Salado has the reputation as the "Best Art Town in Texas."
I found this bicycle bedecked fence to be interestingly creative.
Main Street is a lively marketplace with over 60 shops and artists galleries. You will find fine art, antiques, pottery, crafts, collectibles, Americana, southwest or south-of-the-border decor, handcrafted furniture, trendy or exclusive fashions, gourmet foods and wines. 
It is a great weekend get-a-way. 
This particular weekend, there was a crafts market on main street.
We enjoyed browsing through many of the small shops and found some good buys and some buys better left where they were.
 A Texas Christmas

Saturday evening we had reservations at
for dinner and the Saturday Night Jazz on the Creek performance by Nelda from the 3rd floor balcony.
The Inn is on the left and Alexander's on right
The mike is waiting for 9 PM and Tony.
 The dinner was delicious
and we were so excited to see our friend Nelda again.
 The outdoor concert from 9 to 11 was so much fun even though the weather turned quite chilly and moist.  Nelda asked if I had a favorite jazz piece she could play for me and I told her I really didn't but I love Malaguena.  Her reply was, "You would!"  But in spite of having frozen fingers and a wet keyboard, she surprised me with a beautiful rendition.  Now, that's a good friend.
Thank you Nelda.  You are still amazing!
Tony and Nelda
It was a great birthday weekend and I am so glad we could share it with good friends.
Thank you, my sweet Hubby!


  1. what a wonderful Birthday celebration you had! Love all the little gift ideas you happened upon. Beautiful photos!

  2. That last picture of you and your husband is so sweet - you look gorgeous. And I'm just amazed about the little cabin! What rich history it boasts. XOXO

  3. That looks like a road trip I need to add to my list! You all are always doing such interesting and fun things. Good for you! Great pics from a good time!

  4. Lynette McCain JonesNovember 10, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    I'm not a blogger, but thank you so much for the nice comments about your recent trip to Salado. Salado is such a wonderful little village, and I'm so happy you found your way to my little bakery/cafe. Lynette McCain Jones, McCain's Bakery and Cafe.


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