Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Happnin's

Me, a Budding Artist?
On Wednesday, I told you I was going to start painting.  Well, I have done my first canvas!

I told you that you would not be able to recognize anything in my paintings because I don't paint things.  I love abstract art!

There is also madness behind the reasoning or reasoning behind the madness.  Whichever!

I am not an artist and could really not paint anything recognizable at this point if I tried.  So, abstracts it will be.

This is my first attempt.  (The colors are not as accurate as they could be.)  I may add some more layers and touch-ups, but as of now, this is it.

I used colors that would go in my bedroom.  When it's hung, I'll show you.
I haven't titled it yet.  Any ideas?

Oh My Goodness!
We had a scary and potentially tragic event in our little Garden Home section yesterday morning.

A lady taking her grandson to school was evidently blinded by the early morning sun and in order to avoid hitting the back of another car ahead of her, swerved and instead of hitting the brake accelerated into the side of this house.
 The scary thing is that this is the room of the beautiful little four-year-old daughter who had just been taken to preschool.
This is inside her room.  We are praising God for protecting her, for had it happened a few minutes earlier, it could have been very tragic.
Thankfully, neither the driver nor her grandson were hurt either, so there is much for which to be grateful.

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  1. Good morning! Wow! First of all, I LOVE the painting, and honestly I am not usually a fan of abstract. But this is REALLY the colors. I am super impressed with your first effort! And double WOW on that accident! So glad no one was hurt! How scary! Enjoy your long week-end!


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