Monday, August 26, 2013

A Visit to the Past

 Will you indulge me a trip back in time?

This was my second post on this blog two years ago.  I guess I'm in a nostalgic mood today and thought I would revise this earlier post.

As I was sitting in an office waiting on my husband the other day, I couldn't help but notice a headline topic on the front of a magazine:  "What's Sexy Now!  85 Secret Tricks to Head-Turning Confidence."

Since I was the only one in the office, and for the sake of research for my blog, I decided to read the article.

Well, in reality, I was really not expecting to find the most wholesome or beneficial information inside this magazine.  I was not disappointed.

Let me show you just four of the 85 things on your must-have sexy checklist:
(I know, I've left you crying for the remaining 81, haven't I!)

So, with this enlightened take on "Sexy Confidence," I took stock of my current wardrobe.  It was quickly evident I had not, nor would I have sexy confidence any time soon based on this criteria.

Now, I must admit that for most women with whom I spend time, the wearing of these four items would totally destroy what confidence we might have managed to retain after shopping for swim suits.

For a very humorous image, try to imagine a bunch of near 70 year old women tottering around in strappy stilettos, wondering how to hide the cellulose and varicose veins while wearing that short skirt.  For me, that's enough imagery to keep me laughing for some time without even thinking about what would be on display to the world in the see-through dress.  And the backless dress brings its own set of issues.

Since it is obvious I will not benefit from "head-turning sexy confidence" following these suggestions, let me share with you three examples of what the Word says about confidence, then how God's special lady can demonstrate His confidence.

In 2 Kings and in 2 Chronicles, we find King Hezekiah being challenged by the King of a powerful opposing nation with a question we need to ask ourselves today:  "On what are you basing this confidence of yours?"

Hezekiah gave his answer as he addressed his fearful citizens:  "'Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or discouraged because...there is a greater power with us...The Lord our God is with us to help us and to fight our battles.'"  And the people gained confidence."  (2 Chronicles 32:8)

The prophet Jeremiah wrote as recorded in verse 7 of chapter 17:  "But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him."

Of course we could never leave out God's amazing servant Paul and what he had to say about this.  In Phillippians 3:3 he said, "We boast in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh."  Then in 2:24 of that same book he summed it up by saying, "I am confident in the Lord!"

Summary?  Godly confidence does not come from shoes or clothes or the lack thereof.

It is true that how we dress and appear in public relays to others our level of self-confidence.  But ladies, let me ask you.  On what are you basing this confidence of yours?  Is it on what you wear, whether your makeup is on or not, how you perceive someone else feels about you?  Or is your confidence in the Lord?

Lastly, from the immortal words of Erma Bombeck:

"Here's my morning ritual.  I open a sleepy eye, take one horrified look at my reflection in the mirror and then repeat with conviction:  "I'm me and I'm wonderful.  Because God doesn't make junk."

Whose mirror are you looking into?  Our culture's or our Creator's?

Walk with real confidence my sister "Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."  (Philippians 1:6)

You are God's Special Lady!

Thanks for going back in time with me on this Monday.


  1. Good morning! Well I am sure glad you went back in time as I had never seen this post! It was just soo good. And you know, in this day and age we live in it is sooo hard for all the young ones (us older gals too of course) to NOT put their confidence in their appearance, in what they own or have, or simply in how they look, when EVERYTHING in this world measures success in that way. I feel sometimes like I am swimming upstream without a paddle trying to convey these thoughts to some of my grand daughters. Our confidence CANNOT be in these things as they are all temporary and fleeting. Even if you manage to somehow pull it off when you are young, eventually you age and beauty fades. Nothing sadder in my opinion than the women who cannot let go of their youth and desperately try to hang on to styles and fashions and looks reserved for the young, as that is where ALL their confidence had been put. You are just soo right! Our confidence, hope, and trust are in HIM! Thanks for re-posting this, and enjoy your day!

  2. Well, I must have missed this one the first go around too. So glad you reposted it. It is awesome and really should be published for all women to read. Our world has completely distorted where true beauty and confidence come from and our younger generation is suffering because of it. And, no one could say it quite like Erma! Happy week my dear friend!

  3. What a wonderful lesson you shared, Libby...great way to start my day on a positive note! Thank you!

  4. I also missed it the first time round, so thanks for bringing it back. So many mixed messages being sent to young women (us older women too!). Confidence is grown on the inside-agreed!


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