Monday, April 1, 2013

Before and After - and it Continues

Today I am joining up with a new Blogger friend,  
This week I decided since Downton Abby is over, I probably needed to follow suit and put away the silver.  Besides, I was tired of polishing it.  So, let me show you some of the progression for settling on a more seasonal grouping on the end table and coffee table of our living room.
 These are some of my favorite crystal/silver pieces.  The gravy boat holds some treasured silver spoons that I inherited, were baby utensils and some collected from a trip to Rome.  The silver letter opener was a gift from a precious little lady friend many years ago.

The tea service had to go although I enjoyed having it where I could enjoy seeing it.
 These were the sofa pillows I used all fall and winter.  Time for a change.
 The cup and saucer belonged to my favorite aunt and is the only set that has survived these 50+ years since she gave them to me.  The pitcher and gravy boat are from my collection, and continue the theme on the mantel. (A previous post.)
 The coffee table was a process of evolution and may still be.
I started with a Christmas Cactus because it was what I had, but when making a trip to the garden center, I found a plant I thought picked up the colors in the room and was much prettier.

 I decided I didn't care for the magazines and found some favorite books to try.
 The evolution continues....
 and continues.
 The book on top is a book of Poems for Children that my parents gave my sister and me for Christmas in 1951.  It is such a precious treasure.

 The little jade plant on the white tray was a gift to my husband when he visited Korea in 1989.  It is  a delicate little piece and I love it.
I remembered some pillows I had used on my bed at one time and liked them on the sofa.  They lighten it up and continue the other touches of green.
 And this view is toward my future enclosed back porch.  Work starts at 8:30 in the morning.
Do you seem my smile?
I'm not sure I have "Made it Pretty," but I have enjoyed playing at the process.
Have a great Monday, my friends.


  1. Oh, you have made it pretty Libby! I never change things like pillows or bedspreads or such, but love the idea. Your home truly does look like something out of a magazine. Happy April my friend!

  2. Love your changes for Spring. It's so nice to finally have some warmer weather for a change! xo


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