Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Before and After Wednesday - Back Porch Remodel

I am joining Kathleen at The Dedicated House
 Our Back Porch Remodel
Before & After 
Six and half years ago, when were ready to downsize, God gave us the most perfect - for us - little jewel box of a house.  It is a Garden Home in one of the most desirable gated communities in our city, Twelve Oaks.

Did I say it was a gift?

We loved our little back porch and spent as much time out there as our Louisiana weather would permit.  To help keep the pesky mosquitoes away, we had a custom ordered Mosquito Curtain installed.  It worked but our use was still limited to a few nice days a year.

Doors on each end open to side entry and into our master bedroom.
The flooring was stained, stamped concrete.
After much debate and some feedback from you fellow bloggers, we decided to enclose this space and make it a year-round extension of our bedroom/sunroom/breezeway.
And these are the results!

View from our bedroom toward side entry.
We painted the walls the same color as our bedroom which further extended that space.
We removed the original back door and used it in the new bumped-out wall.
Another view from bedroom.  Don't you just love the brightness of the new room and how the two rooms flow?
This is the opposite view - from side entry toward master.
 Now, for some details.
The sofa is really the only piece of furniture we had to buy.  Everything else was either on the back or front porches already.
The painting was given to us by a dear little lady over 40 years ago and I had it hanging in my garage.  Can you imagine anything more perfect for this spot?

We are so pleased with the new built-in cabinet and granite.  I designed the drawers to hold my placemats and napkins.  They fit perfectly!
I found these matching pillows at TJ Max and they are exactly what I needed/wanted.
This is the view from our living room.  I love the way the new room expands this space and how it looks from the front door.
We leave the windows between the rooms open for ventilation.
The plant has seen better days but seems to like its new home.

I have enjoyed arranging some of my eclectic inherited/collected items on these shelves.

View of the rear of the house and new addition.
So that is our Before and After Back Porch Enclosure.
We are loving the space and wish we could share our GIFT with each of you.
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. It is fabulous!! You'll enjoy it so much more with the enclosure. I love my sunroom (this looks similar to what I'd call a sunroom) and use it every day. I've told hubs I'm going to need one in every house going forward : ) Enjoy your lovely new space!

  2. LOVE IT! Great job!

  3. Oh, it is so lovely Libby. We've threatened to enclose our patio a time or two, but guess you would say we are still pondering that. Maybe when I convince Tommy to downsize we can have a sunroom then. :o)

  4. Oh my goodness...I love every little thing about it! You two will use it to pieces I bet! Great job!

  5. Love every inch of it! Especially the cabinets with drawers for your placemats!! What a great idea!
    Great job!

  6. Good thing you finally delved into this renovation. Curtains aren't that effective in keeping mosquitoes away, you know, no matter how they are named as “Mosquito Curtain.” XD An enclosed porch is way better in shunning them away. You can also try a screened porch. Just sayin' for future reference. :))

  7. Wow! I do wish that you can share your gift! I like the old look of your porch but the new one looks so much more inviting, especially with the couch. I wish I can go there and just lie all day.

    Lynn Williamson


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