Monday, February 27, 2012

Sisters and Other Favorite Things

"My Sister My Friend.
Our lives were brought together by a greater plan,
but is by choice we became friends.
Only a sister can be the kind of friend who really knows you,
and loves and accepts you through it all.
Thank you for all that you are to my life...
You are my family, my sister, my friend.
I love you."

My two sisters and I had our "Sisters Get-Together" at my house this weekend.  Although we live in the same state and at the most 4 hours apart, we don't see each other that often and always look forward to our annual visit.  This year it was my turn and we had a great time.  Thank you, my precious sisters for being my family, my sister, my friend, and I do love you.

Favorite Things
While trying to inspire myself in my daily photo-taking goal for this month, I decided to snap some of my favorite things in my house and in my city.  This has been a fun exercise because it has demanded that I look at things from a more critical and hopefully a creative perspective.  These are just a few of my favorite, favorite things.

These are of my church, First Baptist.  I think it is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.
 Steeple through the huge oaks
 Massive columns
Early springtime

 An aged grill fence around one of Shreveport's beautiful estates

 I loved the colors in this cabbage.  Note the drops of dew on the petals.

 My Andrea birds and antique "Alva" plate from England

 An antique with beautiful Italian marble that was given to me while in high school by a precious little Cajun lady

But, you understand although these are just a  few of my favorite things, they are just that - THINGS! My most favorite things are not things, but persons and relationships.  "The greatest of these is love!"

In the Bible Paul sought to address significant disagreements in the Corinthian church in chapter 13, by emphasizing that love is important over and above all other gifts and talents.  But this kind of love is no ordinary type of love, but "AGAPE" love, a love which is selfless, unconditional and voluntary.  This love does not seek it's own praise or pleasure, but instead defers to the welfare of others.  It is this love that is supreme, for one day faith and hope will no longer be necessary when we see God face to face, yet love will always endure.  For this I am most grateful.  These are my favorite things!

May you experience this amazing agape love in your life today.


  1. Great post Libby and what fun to have sisters. Thank goodness I do have a sister in law that is more like a sister and I do love her dearly.

    Love your favorite things and yes, Love is the greatest of all.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. That church steeple is gorgeous!! xo


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