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Image - Clothing Capsules

I first learned about clothing capsules from Janet Wallach's book "Working Wardrobe" many years ago.  In fact, her book was first published in 1981, and yet her ideas are still as applicable as ever, even if the fashions she illustrates are a bit dated.  I have used her information in all of my seminars and have tried to implement her concept in my own wardrobe.


Have you ever stood in front of or in your closet and thought, "I don't have a thing to wear?"  I think most of us have experienced this frustrating moment.  Our closet is full and yet, nothing really works.  I hope my introducing some of the basic concepts from this book will give you the principles for putting together a workable wardrobe of your own.

The basic premise of the Capsule Concept is really simple. To quote the author, "The Capsule is an extended set of mix and match pieces, created by you and for you.  It can consist of as little as five or as many as twenty pieces.  The purpose is to give you flexibility as your needs require."

 The back cover gives a good summary of the book contents.

 Try to imagine how this Winter Capsule consisting of 12 pieces can make 48 different looks.

 This Gray/Brown color combination gives you an idea of color options.  Note that the beginning outfit may be the print skirt/blouse and all other pieces are taken from it.  This makes a great color inspiration from which to build.

Remember to always use the most appropriate color combinations from your Season.  For a Spring, this illustration would need to be the Primary Green and a true yellow or coral; Summers would use more pastel shades; Winters might want a Jewel-tone green with fushia or purple; Autumns would feel most comfortable in an olive with ginger, gold, or the new orange for the 2012 season.

Remember your clothing personality when putting together your Clothing Capsule.  It doesn't matter whether the colors are perfect, if the style is not suited for you and your body, then it just won't work. 

This particular 12-piece capsule idea can have as many as 72 different looks. 

I hope these illustrations from Janet Wallach's book give you some ideas for going out and making your own Clothing Capsules.  There are other plans out there that you may find more useful, but the object is to realize that you can MIX AND MATCH your clothes.  This is how you expand your wardrobe and spend less at the same time. (Let me know if you have questions.)

BUT first, you want to start with what you have!!!!

So, next time, we will talk about how to SHOP IN YOUR OWN CLOSET!
Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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