Monday, August 29, 2011

IMAGE - Autumn

This concludes our look at the 4 Seasons and the best colors for each.  So today we look at the Autumn.

"Your body has a color that identifies YOU.  You are an important person.  You matter to others.  The way you look affects people around you.  The colors you wear either blend or fight with what we call your Season (your personal color design)."  Brenda Kentner "Tie Me Up with Rainbows"
Okay, I've told you that I'm an Autumn, so what does an Autumn look like?  Well, this is what I look like, but I am not an absolute Autumn.

Look at these beautiful Autumn celebrities: 
Cindy Crawford

Kathrine Hepburn

Maria Shriver
Carol Tuttle
The absolute Autumn's skin may have more yellow, orange or gold undertone.  Because the hemoglobin count is high in the Autumn (I know, go figure), the color of their skin is more coral-orange.  This Season usually suntan beautifully,  We have been called the Bronze Goddesses of the Seasons.

There is nothing soft and frilly about this Season. Think texture and angles.  An autumn will not need ruffles and lace like the Summer, or bright active colors of the Spring, and neither will she feel comfortable in the jewel tones and elegant lines of the Winter.

Autumn's characteristics are those of strength and strong will, just like the rough and fiery colors of nature.  You are a determined woman (some even dare to call us stubborn) and you need to honor your desire to accomplish your tasks swiftly and practically.  From your make-up which should be in the warm tones with golden and bronze highlights to your hair which should be a no-fuss style, you demonstrate the practical nature of this beautiful Season.

Because your skin coloring is high, Autumns wear more neutral browns and bronzes on cheeks and lips, greens and coppers on the eyes, and blue-gold if the eyes are blue.

Your eye coloring ranges in color from blue, green and olive green, to warm brown.

 Remember, few of us are an absolute Season but because of genetics we are blends of all the four Seasons.  BUT, we will always have a dominant and sub-dominant Season.

For instance, a Gentle or Golden Autumn may feel more comfortable in some of the lighter softer shades of the color bouquet.  Once you know your dominant and sub-dominant Season, then find the shades that enhance your coloring and temperament best.

 My sub-dominant Season is Winter and as a result, my coloring and temperament reflect this.  This simply means that I can wear a soft black as a neutral as long as I have an autumn color near my face.  Otherwise, the black near my face creates shadows and lines I would rather not emphasis.

This blend also means that I must allow the Holy Spirit to soften me, to make my words gentle and kind, and to not be so judgmental and critical of myself and others.  What does God desire to do in your life?

I hope you have enjoyed our journey with the four Seasons and have found your distinct coloring and temperament here somewhere.  You may want to flip back and review the colors and characteristics of each Season.  I pray you will take this bit of information and find what best enhances your God given beauty.

Come back next time as we look at body styles.

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