Tuesday, August 9, 2011

COLOR - Winter

I'm late again getting a posting out this week.  Can someone tell me where the time goes?  The old adage, "I don't know how I had time to work" is so true in my case.  This past weekend my two sisters and I got together at one of their homes in Cajun Land.  We spent Saturday afternoon looking at antique stores and upscale flea markets in the area.  It was so much fun and I found a beautiful blown glass bowl that is perfect in my living room.

Our little shopping trip was also enlightening and it was a perfect example of what we are talking about.  As we shopped we would take turns saying, "Oh look at this," or "I really like this."  The other two may or may agree, but it was so typical of how we are all different.  To have grown up in the same home with the same influences, our individual tastes are vastly different.  That's because we are different.  We have different personalities/temperaments, body styles, and coloring.  We are each so uniquely special and different.

"Your true beauty comes from within and your outward beauty comes by accentuating your uniqueness."

Today, I finally have a minute to sit at the computer and think with you about color.  Have you decided whether you are a Cool or Warm season?  Whether you are a Winter, Summer, Fall or Spring?

Today we will look at the WINTER.  She has been described as "Shimmering ice with warm friendly fires.  Elegance, poise and drama, independence, quietness with a touch of shyness."

Winter's look is "Elegance"  The bold colors of winter accent the striking color scheme of the season.

Think Picasso!
The Winter person has cool - blue - skin undertones.  She will more than likely have a fair complexion, but not in all cases.

Winters are insightful, intense and precise.

The best shades are strong, vivid shades with blue undertones such as red, royal blue and emerald green.  The best neutrals are black and navy.  This is the only season who can wear pure white and look gorgeous.

Rich materials such a velvet, satin, suede and wool help to achieve the poised, striking appearance of the Winter.

Jewelry should be silver, crystal, diamonds, but gold may be worn if the skin has an outer warm appearance.

If you still have questions about your season, you may want to find a qualified image consultant for a personal evaluation.  Or, you might enjoy trying a free tool from author, trainer, and image consultant Donna Fujii at http://donnafujii.com.

Next time we will look at the Summer person.

The color fan for the Winter is by "Color Me a Season" and copyrighted by Bernice Kentner.

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