Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome back to the weekly Hodgepodge where Joyce asks the questions and people from all over the globe join together to share their answers.

1.  What's something that makes you feel stressed?  How do you cope?

Uncertainty!  Whether it relates to relationships, tasks, or life in general, feeling that I am not in control of the situation, causes a bit of stress for me.  How do I cope?  I remind myself that I am actually not in control of anything except how I deal with not being in control.  Thankfully, I have a personal relationship with the ONE who is in control and knows all things.

2.  What's a food you eat that evokes a memory?  Explain.

Fried eggs.  Growing up, we had two terms to describe how we wanted our eggs fried.  My dad and I preferred "hard" and Mother and maybe a sister wanted theirs "soft".  I still prefer my eggs cooked "hard" with no runny yolk.

3.  This week's Hodgepodge lands on National Visit Your Relatives Day.  Will you celebrate by visiting a relative?  If so is travel involved?  Geographically, who is your nearest relative (not counting those living in your own house)?

I would love to think I would see this doll baby and his mom and dad, but not sure.  If so, a 15-20 minute drive would be called for.  Living nearest us is our daughter who is about 10 minutes away.

Perhaps you could say I celebrated this special day last week with a sweet visit with my middle sister.  You can read about it HERE

4.  What's your most frequently used emoji?  Do you make more phone calls, send more emails, or mainly text to communicate with friends and family?

A deep red heart that is only on my devices and not my laptop, so I can't show it to you.

My sisters and I communicate mostly by texts; our son is faithful to call with an occasional text; my daughter-in-love is a Snapchatter, so we stay in touch with that;

5.  Tell us the story behind a favorite piece of furniture.

It would be my Secretary.  It is part of our bedroom suit but I have always used it in the living room.  Currently, it mostly serves as my "office" but also makes a lovely piece of furniture when not in use.  It holds some of my favorite collectable figurines and old books.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of figurines, this is one of my most favorite.

It is a Vintage Capodimonte, signed Bruno Merli Italy titled "Tea Time."

Our July Great Grand, Jax Marcus was celebrated again this past weekend with a lovely shower given by McKenna's large family of aunts and cousins.
Aunt Vannah and Grandmother Mimsi were there to share in the festivities as well.  We are pretty sure he will be a big boy.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. What a blessing to have all these precious babes born and almost born! Congratulations. That piece of furniture is beautiful. Thankful to also have a relationship and peace with the One who holds everything together! Happy Hodgepodge to you!

  2. I love fried eggs! And yes, uncertainty does stress me out too. I like plans!

  3. Uncertainty's a great answer -- who amongst us can't relate on some level! I'm loving that image of doll baby and his momma. Already so handsome and alert!

  4. True, we are not in control of most situations. I'm a worrier for sure. That egg looks delicious. The baby is just so precious and adorable. I love using the deep red heart. Your secretary is so beautiful. That really is a cute figurine. Sweet couple. Can't wait to meet the baby!!!

  5. I love runny yolks and am so disappointed if my yolk breaks during cooking or cooks too long. I love your secretary desk. So pretty. Congrats on another great grandbaby

  6. Oh, yes, my answer to #1 would have been the same. Uncertainity, ugh! Chamberlyn is a beautiful Mom. Two great granboys in a very short time, what fun!

    I need to get motivated to blog..........maybe next week! :o))

  7. I try to control a lot of situations. Just recently, I truly told God I surrendered the situation to him because there is nothing I can do but He Can!

  8. Babies are such a blessing in this season of life and in this upside down world. I've been with my grandsons for a few days and also with the momma-to-be for a couple of days and what a joy!


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