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Minimalism in a Village Home

How to Love the Home You Have

Lorri moved to The Village at Prestonwood a few months before we did in 2020, and is a nearby neighbor.  The first time I visited her, I loved her minimalist approach to decorating.  Her home is a calm and peaceful haven.  So how has she achieved this?  Let's take a closer look at all the elements Lorri has incorporated in telling her story in her lovely home.

Lorri is a highly successful career woman.  Having sold her business in 2019, she left Nebraska and moved to Plano to be near her daughter, who is now expecting a baby in July.  Wanting to maintain her condo in Nebraska, Lorri had the opportunity to start from scratch in her new home.

She bought an Abby floor plan which is just over 1,500 sq. ft.  The previous owners had already done some updates that were acceptable to Lorri; however, to make this home hers, there were a few changes yet to be made.

Her favorite is the transformation of the laundry room.

By removing the existing closet and putting in cabinetry she not only increased her usable space but made it more functional.  She also added a niche for the microwave, small appliances and a beverage station.

She replaced the bi-fold doors by adding a lovely glazed glass-paned barn door that allows plenty of light from both sides.

All of the light fixtures were replaced with contemporary designs that, as Lorri describes, give the effect of being "celestial."  Perhaps the most dramatic change though was in the kitchen.

She created a focal point with these lighted, glass-paned cabinets.

To maintain the clean, contemporary design, she relocated the switches and plugs to under the cabinets and replaced the backsplash with a textured black tile.  She also painted the peninsula black.  She topped off this room with a gas range, contemporary appliances and new accent hardware.  These changes not only make the kitchen a very pleasing place to work, but extremely functional as well.

Now, let's see how she added her personal touches to the home and made it hers.

With interior design a second passion, Lorri went to work finding sources for all things contemporary and unique in the Dallas area.  "I always start with an inspiration piece, and that piece was a set of crane artwork in black/white accent colors, already in my possession."  Everything else, fell right into place.

From here, she began with layers in her chosen color scheme to tie the entire décor of the home together.  Lorri told me that "layering is somewhat signature in my designs, so if you don't like pillows, you won't like my style."

The foundation layer is this beautiful rug of muted shades that anchors the angled seating arrangement in the living room.  From here, she brings out the touches of golds and grays in various objects and accessories.  The thing that brings continuity to the home is that she continues this theme in various ways throughout the other rooms as well.

Lorri loves finding starving artists that speak her language which is contemporary and colorful.

She commissioned several pieces and designed around them.  Mixed with the contemporary furnishings are heirloom pieces that have been jazzed up or made to look like they belong with the otherwise newer styles.  In my eye, they bring character, warmth, and interest to a space.

The sunroom is where Lorri spends most of her time, since she has continued to be involved in the transition of the sale of her business, and it is here that you will find her favorite piece of furniture.

This marble inlaid desk is from India.  She said it is not only beautiful but functional, and I would think makes working a bit more pleasant.

Now, let's visit the bedrooms.  One of the secrets for using minimalism décor successfully is in adding pops of color through accessories.  Lorri has done this well, especially in her bedrooms.

The colorful bench is one of the heirlooms Lorri has that belonged to her mother.  In this room, she continues the black/white theme but has added the colorful fabric and brought out the touch of lime as an accent.

Lorri chose a lovely shade of coral to brighten up her own room.

The primary bedroom most reflects Lorri's personality, I think.
I asked her what she loves most about this room and her answer was, "It makes me feel like the queen I am."  I think that is exactly what a lady's bedroom should do, don't you?

This solid wood Art Deco chest is a recent purchase and was handmade in France.  It is such an anchoring piece to this otherwise feminine room.  This is the only room in the house with curtains and the filmy fabric definitely adds charm and femininity.

This heirloom clock was a wedding gift of her paternal grandparents and holds a place of honor.

What more could a lady ask for than luxurious bedding, a comfortable chaise and an elegant chandelier to make her feel like a queen?

Lorri explained how this large piece of art came to be the accent of her room.  When her daughter married, Lorri hosted the rehearsal dinner outdoors.  Her dream was to have this chandelier hanging over the bridal table, and she made it happen.

Both bathrooms were part of the inherited renovations and are lovely.  Of course, Lorri added her own touch with the light fixtures and accessories that blend with the rest of the home.

Another of her heirlooms is this fascinating "family tree' that belonged to Lorri's mother.

There are so many lessons of decorating found in how Lorri has lovingly furnished her home.  She has united her décor in the repetition of color, shapes, and styles.  She loves Art Deco and uses it in every room of the house.

This is not a test, but did you notice how many ways she incorporated  the gold/bronze and curves found in her inspirational paintings, throughout her home?  You probably wouldn't have because once established, your brain expects to see it.  But I can just tell you, too many to count.

Thank you, Lorri for inviting us into your lovely home and making us feel so special for having been here.

And, should you happen to be walking down her street, feel free to join the group meeting for fellowship, drinks and a Bridge game in her garage.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

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