Sunday, January 23, 2022

A January Sunday Stealing

Welcome to Sunday Stealing that is actually being done on Saturday.  Should that make it Saturday Stealing instead?  Oh well, it was not my original idea, so we will stay with the program.  Hope you enjoy reading my answers and coming up with some of your own.

1.  Would you rather be the guest or the host?

I would rather be the guest, that way I can leave when I'm ready, not bother with entertaining or do the prep and clean-up.  That being said, I do enjoy hosting as well.

2.  What do you like to wear when you feel fancy?

As I no longer wear dresses, I feel fancy in nice dress trousers, a nice fabric top or jacket with appropriate jewelry.

3.  How often do you try something completely new?

A year ago we completely uprooted and moved to a different state and have made all new friends.  I did recently venture out and tried a new type painting.  Hubs and I are attempting a new concerted effort regarding our diet.  Taking on a position with our Homeowners Board was a big step into something new.  But mostly, I'm pretty comfortable with the status quo.

4.  Do you enjoy weddings?

Only if it's the wedding of someone I love.

5 Have you ever had something customized?

Not that I can think of at the time.

6.  Do you cook spontaneously or meal plan?

Both.  Right now, our new diet requires some degree of prior planning - shopping, preparing, etc.

7  Books you like to read over and over

The Bible.  I do not normally re-read a book or re-watch a movie.

8.  What you are really good at?

Organization; doing things sequentially and in order; 

9.  Do you sleep with windows open or a fan on?

No open windows, but usually a ceiling fan is on.

10.  What is the easiest recipe you know?

Scrambled eggs

11.  Are you comfortable starting conversation with strangers?

I rarely if ever initiate a conversation with someone I don't know.

12.  Do you prefer quiet, or ambient noise when you relax?

Most of the time, we have easy listening music in the background, regardless of what else is going on in our house.  I also enjoy quiet.  Noise for noise sake is a bother and irritant.

13.  Who is your most adventurous or exciting friend?

The most adventurous is definitely our granddaughter #2.  She is only 25 and has studied abroad and traveled to over 27 countries, most by herself.  She is also starting her own business.  Exciting?  I don't seek out exciting friends.  Interesting for sure, but not exciting.

14.  What do you eat when you can't decide what to eat?

Heretofore, it would be cashews, but those are no longer allowed.  Shucks!

15.  Do you have any funny pet stories?

We haven't had a pet in our home for many years, so no funny stories I'm afraid.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.

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  1. I meant to participate today but forgot. That Cassidy is something else! It's never fun "watching what we eat." But, guess it is necessary at times. Ugh! Have a great week!


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