Wednesday, June 23, 2021

It's a Pinky Wednesday Hodgepodge

It is so good to be back with my fellow Hodgepodgers this week.
Thank you Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond for giving us some interesting questions to ponder.

1. What's something that reminds you of your grandmother? Tell us why. 

This was my precious "Mama."  Anything gentle and good is a reminder of her, because that is what she always represented.

I have numerous items that belonged to her but this little box is dear and I keep it out where I can see it.  It also holds some of my own childhood jewelry items.

2. Is your life currently more 'moonlight and roses' or a little more 'every rose has it's thorn'? Elaborate. 

I'm thinking 'every rose has it's thorn' because I may have bitten off more than I want to chew.  I was asked to finish out the term of Secretary on our HOA Board.  Along with being responsible for the dues assessment and minutes, I have the quarterly newsletter.  And guess what, July begins a new quarter.  So, the 'rose' would be wanting to make a contribution to our Village, and the 'thorn' is spending the time required to do it well.

3. June 23rd is National Pink Day...favorite thing you own in any shade of pink? Favorite thing found in nature in any shade of pink? Your favorite pink food or beverage? Your favorite shade of pink? 

I think I've mentioned this before, but I am not a pink gal.  My skin tone is yellow and my temperament is not pinky sweet.

My favorite pink thing that I own would is the pink box pictured above.

Favorite pink thing found in nature would be the nose of a kitty cat.

Favorite pink food is shrimp and/or salmon cooked to perfection.

Favorite shade of pink would be in the coral family.

4. Last thing that had you 'tickled pink'?

Getting HOA Architectural Committee approval to have a patio poured in our little yard.


5. What are two or three words that describe your style. 

My style is Classic.  I dress conservatively but fashionable.

Personality wise, I would be considered Dominant or Choleric which tends to go along with being a Classic.

My temperament dictates a "Let’s Get It Done Now" or as I often am heard to say, "Just do it!"

We Choleric are big-picture people who are quick to act. Much to some people's displeasure I tend to be controlling, independent, and strong-willed.  Less typically, I am not outgoing, but have a take-charge style whose primary concern is results.

That being said, the Holy Spirit is always faithful to remind me that I am not actually in control and that I should leave the results to the One who is.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Ava Grace, our youngest granddaughter performed in the North Dallas Performing Arts production of Peter Pan this past weekend.  She played multiple roles, but we saw her play the role of 'Slightly', one of the Lost Boys.  She did a great job as did all the kids.  There is such tremendous talent among these young people.

Her solo was excellent!

She also played Adult Wendy in alternating performances.

And that is one reason why we live here!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day
Elizabeth "Libby" Day

Hello, My name is Libby. I enjoy reading good books, painting, blogging, spending time with friends and whatever my "Heart" leads me to do. Welcome to Beauty Without Within.


  1. Peter Pan is a fun show, I hope she had a great time.

  2. My family (but not me!) has been involved in theatre in some way (from acting to back stage to lighting) for decades. I love to go and watch. We saw Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare in the Park in Columbus last weekend.
    We moved away from HOA last year. Glad to not have to get approval for everything--good that you got your patio approved.

  3. Your granddaughter must be very talented -- I love Peter Pan still today (at 63!)

  4. Good luck with your HOA role. My hubs is on our neighborhood Architectural Review Committee and you sometimes see a side of some of your neighbors you'd rather not-ha! Congrats to your nice to see kids doing kid things, having fun, and living life. Enjoy your day!

  5. I enjoyed your answers and sounds like you are certainly in sync overall too. I'm sure you will breeze right through whatever you need to do as the Secretary of our HOA Board. I love the photos of your beautiful Ava Grace. I'm glad you live where you can see all the things she is involved in!

  6. our daughter had a kitty with a pink nose and it was so cute! Our cat's nose is dark. I commented this morning but later remembered I wanted to say something about the pink nose! Great answers.

  7. That's a lovely box from your grandmother. I had that with PTA years ago. I wish to be a "let's get it done" person. Wow, way to go Ava Grace on playing two roles. Love the photos.

  8. Loved your answers. I'm not much of a pink person either.


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