Monday, December 4, 2017

Final Sports Tribute to Jackson

This post should wound up our early November trip to Indiana.

As you know, if you have been reading my blogs for any length of time, our Indiana family has been pretty wrapped up into sports.  At least with two of the three kids any way.

Jackson received a full-ride scholarship to play for the Western Michigan University Broncos football team that broke all sorts of records last year.  It was indeed a great way to close out his fourth and final year as a football player.

However, he had another year of school before finishing his double major in Business Administration and Supply Chain Management.  So, how might he spend that year other than attending class and making outstanding grades?

He joined the Rugby team!

While we were there, we saw the WMU Rugby team play and defeat Notre Dame and then our last weekend we were privileged to be able to see them play in the MAC Conference playoffs in Cincinnati.

This post will include a ton of pictures that show how tough the game is, how big and tough he is, but also what a handsome guy is my only grandson.

The first game on Saturday was against a tough Louisville, KY team, and we won.

Jackson made two tries (touchdowns) and almost a third.  Actually, we thought he made it, but what do we know.

In football, Jackson played left guard on the offensive line, so he never touched the ball.  One reason he enjoys Rugby so much besides the sheer toughness of the game, is that he gets to carry the ball a lot.  Who would want to take him down?

This formation is called a "SCRUM", and that is about all I know about it.  It occurs evidently when one of the teams has a penalty?  Any way, Jackson seen in the middle here is the anchor and really uses those massively strong hips, legs and upper body as they push against each other to move the ball beneath them.

He is a scrapper!

And soooo cute!

The final game on Sunday was against the #1 team, Bowling Green.  We lost but we didn't give it away by any means.

I was able to capture this sign of affection between him and his dad.  Since high school, before Jackson took the field, he would always make eye contact with John and they would point to each other.  I have no idea what goes through their minds when they do this, except I have a feeling there is more love and confidence communicated between those fingers than words might could express.  I am so glad I was able to get this picture at the last game I will ever see him play.

This is another formation that occurs when a ball has gone out of bounds, I think.  Any way, Jackson is the only one on any team we've watched who does this all by himself and as you can see lifts the guy over his head.  I love the way the boy on the right is looking up as if he can't believe what he's seeing.

This is a perfect example of the brutality of the game called Rugby.  Thankfully neither was hurt seriously.

 I love this picture because it shows that although Jackson is tough and plays with every thing he has, he still has fun.

And he is a good sport and supports his team.

These pictures speak to the man and person Jackson Day is at heart.  He is like my own dad, his great grandfather, a gentle giant with a heart as big as he is.

 Jackson, it has been our honor and privilege to watch you grow and develop into not only an outstanding athlete, but a man of character and strength.

We continue to pray God's will for your life as you finish your final semester at WMU and go out into the "real" world.  He will use you in a mighty way to bring Glory and Honor to Him.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;
Jeremiah 1:5

We love you Big Boy!
Da and Bibby


  1. What great pictures you captured. He is a "bruiser" for sure. I wouldn't want to try and take him down for sure. Happy week!

  2. I wish Jackson all the best in his upcoming endeavors. Seems like you have good reason to be proud of him. Wow, from the looks of it, Rugby is a tough sport!


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