Sunday, October 15, 2017

Grandparent's Day

This past Friday was our sixth Grandparent's Day with our youngest grandchild, Ava Grace.

She is in the fifth grade, so we started attending this special day with her at Prestonwood Christian Academy when she was in Kindergarten.

They begin the day with a time of worship, always started with four of the Kindergarten children leading in the pledges to the American and Christian flags and the Bible, then one leads the huge gathering in prayer.  This actually is my favorite part, because it amazes me at the poise of these precious children and the sweet, honest prayer of a 5 year old.

Then the entire Kindergarten sings the song about "This is grandma's glasses and grandpa's hat...", which always gets a lot of smiles and claps from all the grandmas and grandpas.

The time in the sanctuary is a worship service which I so appreciate being part of.

We then go to the classrooms to meet the teachers and see where our girl sits for each of her classes.  She changes classrooms and teachers for the first time this year, so that was different.

This year, they had the fifth and sixth graders meet in an assembly room for refreshments which was also different.  But made sense.

We had fun letting Ava Grace select the props for our memory pictures.  Another new thing.

 Proud Grandfathers, Grandpa and Daddea

 Proud Grandmothers, Grandma and Bibby

It is so hard to believe our littlest girl is growing up so fast.  Each of her teachers spoke so highly of her and assured us they love having her in their class.  No surprise to us!

The next morning, we were able to attend her volleyball game which consists of fellow fifth grade buddies who have been playing together for three years.

Yes, they won!

We are so grateful that Ava Grace is able to attend such an amazing Christian school where she is getting not only a great education, but where she is learning spiritual truths and making friendships that will last a lifetime.


  1. Prestonwood Baptist has always been a favorite of mine and I hold them and everything they do in high regard. Your granddaughter is blessed to attend and what a wonderful day that must have been for all of you. She's so pretty ... just like you. I would imagine she is as sweet as she looks. You should be proud.

  2. Wow, that's quite a Grandparent's Day for sure! She is still such a cutie but I just can't believe she's in the 5th grade.

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